Khichdi- Served up as Brand India Food

khichdi as a brand food
Khichdi- Served up as Brand India Food

“Khichdi”- A term used to define a hodge podge, a muddle, a chaos or disorderliness of something, is also a famous south Asian cuisine, specially made from rice, lentils, coarse cereals and spices. Its other variations include bajra, Moong dal and sabudana khichdi.

Just aking to its definition of commotion and a mixture, reflecting the Indian culture, it is also a staple diet of both the rich and the poor, which in annex, also portrays and presents the ubiquitous saying “Unity in Diversity.”

To showcase this phenomenal thought provoking idea, over 800kg of khichdi was prepared live by the renowned chef Sanjeev Kapoor, who is also tied as the brand ambassador of the Great India food street for the three-day event, which began from November 3.

The khichdi which was cooked, was served to almost 60,000 orphan students along with the guests present at the event on November 4 at World food India event in a venture to create a world record and popularize the “healthy dish” as a Brand India food across the globe.

A jumbo kadhai (frying pan) with the capacity of almost 10,000 liters and 7 feet diameter was used for slow steam-cooking of more than 800kg khichdi in quantity.

The event is being organized by the Food Processing Ministry by the CII. “Khichdi is the wonder staple food of India and is considered the healthiest prepared food in India and it is being eaten across length and breadth of India by rich and poor,” Food Processing Minister Harsimrat Kaur Badal told reporters at the curtain-lift event.

The dish was also be served to the heads of Foreign missions in India, along with it’s recipe, across the world, thus popularizing this brand Indian food. The government has also taken the responsibility to monitor that khichdi is available in the restaurants and the kitchens across the world.

India has finally made a Guinness world record of cooking 918kg khichdi at the India gate lawns in New Delhi on November 4.