Lok Sabha Through the Eyes of an Eyewitness during the Parliament Attack

Parliament Attack

In the heart of India’s democracy, Lok Sabha, an eyewitness found themselves at the center of an unexpected and harrowing event—the Parliament Attack. This narrative unfolds the firsthand account of what transpired through their eyes.

A Regular Day Interrupted

On what seemed like an ordinary day, the eyewitness became an unwitting observer as the routine proceedings of Lok Sabha were abruptly shattered. Explore the sudden disruption that transformed the parliamentary chambers into a scene of confusion and concern.

Chaos in the Halls of Power

Delve into the eyewitness’s recollection of the chaotic atmosphere that unfolded within Lok Sabha. The usually bustling halls echoed with an unfamiliar tension, as panic and uncertainty replaced the customary parliamentary discourse.

Human Stories Amidst Adversity

This section brings forward the human aspect of the tragedy. Learn about the emotions felt by those present—the disbelief, fear, and the resilience that emerged amidst the turmoil. Understand how individuals reacted to safeguard the democratic ideals enshrined in Lok Sabha.

Lok Sabha attack

Acts of Courage

Highlighting moments of bravery witnessed during the Parliament Attack, this part celebrates the unsung heroes who stepped up in the face of adversity. Discover instances of courage and determination that emerged to protect the democratic principles embodied by Lok Sabha.

Reflections on Democracy

As the narrative progresses, the eyewitness reflects on the fragility of democracy and the resilience displayed in Lok Sabha during the attack. Gain insights into the broader implications and lessons learned from this pivotal moment in India’s parliamentary history.


In conclusion, this simple account offers a unique perspective on the Parliament Attack within Lok Sabha. Through the eyes of an eyewitness, it provides a glimpse into a day that changed the course of history, revealing the strength of democracy even in the face of unforeseen challenges.