Mahatma Gandhi’s Great Grandson Tushar Gandhi Joins Women Protestors in Shaheen Bagh, Delhi

tushar gandhi joins women protestors

On Friday (17.01.2020), Mahatma Gandhi’s great-grandson, Tushar Gandhi joined the CAA-NPR-NRC protest at Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh, which is largely led by Muslim women. Speaking to NDTV at the protest in shaheen bagh Delhi, Tushar Gandhi said, “This was like a pilgrimage for him.” He added that this ongoing protest in Shaheen Bagh Delhi is like a revolution in the making. It has to be exaggerated and simulated in a bigger strength. He also added that this protest in shaheen bagh Delhi, has a chance of succeeding because its intent is honest, its intention is pure. He had also compared this protest with Satyagraha and said this is the power of the soul of ‘Satyagraha,’ which was called Gandhi Giri.”

Gandhi Ji had also appealed to the government of India during his time and said “Please open your ears to the demands of the people. Please listen to them, because we live in a democracy and not a mobocracy.”

But it is quite pitying them, it is very sad to read their mindset; actually they themselves do not know what exactly they want. By leaning on Gandhi Ji’s shoulder creating violence in the country and misguiding masses. When such people are not opening their eyes, they are sleeping with their eyes open so very difficult to wake them up. This is the main reason general people are following them like the flock of sheep also called a mob mentality. It would have been better if he would not have been Gandhi Ji’s grandson. His thoughts are letting down Gandhi Ji’s thoughts and contributions to the nation.

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