Meerut Gangrape Case: MBA Student Abducted and Gangraped by Four Men

meerut gangrape case

Latest News Updates on Meerut Rape Case

When the men will come out of this brutality, it appears that these mindset people are psychologically ill and needs to be put into psychological camps. Still the Nirbhaya case has not been solved. Its culprits are still not hanged and this is the reason men are taking it very lightly and has no fear of laws and ready to take everything in their own hands. This is what our supreme court and High courts are setting examples. Criminals and culprits are aware that these governing bodies are very slow and cannot do anything.

These sexual lust people should be given open punishment in front of society.

Meerut Rape Case

Another incident took place on Friday (14.02.2020) where an MBA student from Meerut was purportedly kidnapped and gang-raped by four men while she was on her way back to her house from college.  When the girl did not reach home until late evening, her family rushed to the police station and informed the cops about the same. 

With respect to the lodged complaint, police was tracing the facts and during that they could procure the girl’s mobile phone and finally rescued her from Siyana area in Bulandshahr.

Tejveer Singh, DSP Garmukteshwar, said the case has been registered and an investigation is underway. She has been admitted to a medical college. Originally, her condition was critical, but now it is reportedly stable. 

In the meantime, Meerut Inspector-General Praveen Kumar said that it is not a case of kidnapping or gang-rape. During investigation it was found that the girl herself had gone with her classmate on her own, both were adults. She got injured after falling from a bike, and rape has not been confirmed in medical report.  So, finally this case does not reflect towards kidnapping or gang-rape said by the news agency.

However, our Law makers are requested to bring out big changes in their judiciary system, otherwise these rape cases will not come to an end and the women insecurity will raise.

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