Meta Introduced A New Way Of Texting: All You Need To Know About Thread



Instagram Introduced A New Way Of Texting: All You Need To Know About Thread. 

A new application by the Meta team is developed today by the Instagram team of Mark Zuckerberg. Thread is the new Meta platform made for creators and casual users for sharing with text.

We can say that Thread is just like Twitter and can be used for real time updates and public conversations. Though Thread is fully active now, Meta is still working to make it better and compatible for future updates.


Using Threads is really simple as billions of people are already using Instagram. Existing Instagram ID and password can be used to login to the Thread App. Profile section on this app is customizable. People under the age of 16 or 18 in specific countries can use Thread. Users can follow the same accounts they follow on Instagram.


Screen reader support and AI generated image descriptions are also enabled on Threads. 

Posts can be up to 500 characters including links and images. 

Videos up to 5 minutes long can also be posted. 

Post on Thread can be re-shared on Instagram stories.