Mini Mufflerman: You Would Love This Toddler, Goes Viral on the Internet as “Mini Mufflerman”

mini mufflerman

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On Tuesday (11.02.2020), we could see a true copy of Kejriwal, during the exact poll counts declaration. People were also calling the toddler as mini mufflerman. The twitter was flooded with the photos of the mini Kejriwal during the victorious celebration of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in the Delhi Assembly elections.


Mini Mufflerman

This mini Mufflerman in fact is a cute baby of one of the AAP supporters and not Arvind Kejriwal, and this mini Kejriwal had earned the pet name as mini Mufflerman for Arvind Kejriwal’s iconic winter look.


A toddler as Arvind Kejriwal

Initially the AAP’s Twitter handle had shared an image of a young boy dressed up as Chief Minister Kejriwal, with a cap bearing the party’s symbol, a v-neck maroon sweater and of course a muffler wrapped around his head. The boy also wore spectacles similar to the Arvind Kejriwal and even painted with a fake mustache, he was pointing towards the sky.


❒ Social media had flooded twitter for ‘mini Mufflerman’

The image was looking very cute and won the hearts of people and soon went viral, with an outbreak of positive tweets in the replies section. Four hours after the tweet was posted, it had an enormous reaction, 15.2k likes and 448 replies.


❒ Mini mufflerman can melt one’s heart

The kid looked amazing in the mini Kejriwal costume and couldn’t stop commenting about the baby’s adorable looks. People commented that one day that “he will be the CM (with a heart eyes emoji). Some had written looking “Adorable” and cute, and many more comments by others. Many people had even congratulated the Kejriwal for being elected for the third time.

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