‘Modi ka Parivar’ Campaign Launched by BJP to Counter Lalu Yadav’s Comments

Modi ka Pariwar

The political landscape in India has once again become the stage for strategic moves and counter-moves, as the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) launches the ‘Modi ka Parivar’ campaign in response to comments made by seasoned politician Lalu Yadav. This move by the BJP reflects a calculated effort to shape the narrative and strengthen their position amid the ongoing political discourse.


Lalu Yadav, known for his sharp wit and outspoken nature, had recently made comments that apparently drew the ire of the BJP leadership. In an attempt to counteract any negative impact and turn the narrative in their favor, the BJP has devised the ‘Modi ka Parivar’ campaign.

Campaign Objectives:

The primary objective of the ‘Modi ka Parivar’ campaign is to project a united front within the BJP and emphasize unwavering support for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In the face of Lalu Yadav’s criticisms, the campaign aims to showcase a sense of cohesion and solidarity within the party, reinforcing the image of a united political force.

Reinforcing Unity:

The use of the term ‘Modi ka Parivar,’ meaning ‘Modi’s family,’ signifies a familial bond within the BJP, portraying a collective commitment to the Prime Minister’s vision and leadership. By portraying themselves as a political family with shared goals and values, the BJP aims to create a positive narrative around the party’s internal dynamics.

Strategic Response:

The launch of this campaign is a strategic response to the perceived challenges posed by Lalu Yadav’s comments. Instead of merely defending against the criticisms, the BJP has chosen to take the offensive by presenting a unified front and projecting an image of strength and coherence.

Countering Opposition Narrative:

The ‘Modi ka Parivar’ campaign also serves to counteract any attempts by the opposition to exploit perceived divisions within the BJP. By showcasing unity and solidarity, the party aims to undermine the impact of criticisms and prevent them from gaining traction among the public.

Public Perception and Support:

The success of the campaign will depend significantly on how it resonates with the public. The BJP hopes that by projecting a united ‘Modi ka Parivar,’ they can garner public support and shift the narrative in their favor, especially considering the upcoming political developments and elections.


In the ever-evolving landscape of Indian politics, the ‘Modi ka Parivar’ campaign stands as a notable move by the BJP to control the narrative, reinforce party unity, and counteract criticisms. As the political drama unfolds, the impact and effectiveness of this campaign will undoubtedly be closely watched by both supporters and critics alike.