MS Dhoni, Donald Trump’s golf meet sparks ‘Thala fever’ in USA.

MS Dhoni & Donald Trump

MS Dhoni, the former captain of the Indian cricket team, played golf with Donald Trump, the former president of the United States, in Florida. The news of Dhoni and Trump’s golf game sparked a wave of excitement among Dhoni’s fans in India, who are known as “Thala fans”. Thala is a Tamil word that means “leader” or “chieftain”, and it is a term of endearment used by Dhoni’s fans.

MS Dhoni & Donald Trump

The fans took to social media to express their excitement, with many using the hashtag “#ThalaFever”. Some fans even shared pictures of themselves wearing Dhoni’s jersey or holding his bat.

The golf game was also covered by the Indian media, with many outlets reporting on the event. The coverage helped to further fuel the excitement among Dhoni’s fans.

Dhoni and Trump are both well-known figures in their respective countries. Dhoni is a national hero in India, while Trump is a former president of the United States. The fact that they met and played golf together was seen as a sign of respect between the two men.

The golf game was also seen as a way for Dhoni to promote cricket in the United States. Cricket is not as popular in the United States as it is in India, but there is a growing interest in the sport. Dhoni’s presence in the United States could help to further raise the profile of cricket in the country.

Overall, the golf game between Dhoni and Trump was a positive event for both men. It helped to boost Dhoni’s popularity in India and it also helped to promote cricket in the United States.

In addition to the excitement among Dhoni’s fans, the golf game also sparked some political debate. Some people criticized Trump for meeting with Dhoni, arguing that he should not be associating with a foreign national. Others defended Trump, arguing that he was simply meeting with a sportsperson.

MS Dhoni & Donald Trump

The political debate did not dampen the excitement of Dhoni’s fans, however. They continued to celebrate the golf game and they hoped that Dhoni and Trump would meet again in the future.