Is Narendra Modi the Biggest leader Since Independence

Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi wave and the Indian Political scenario
The verdict of the Indian public in the Lok Sabha elections where almost after a gap of thirty years, a Government was formed with full majority under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi sought to be the beginning of Modi Era. It was actually a result of the growing dissatisfaction among the masses due to non-fulfillment of promises made by the previous governments and the deteriorating condition of the developmental works in the country. Earlier, the Indian politics was dominated by the presence of charismatic leaders who had lakhs of followers behind them and they were able to win over the hearts by spreading their ideology. After the leaders such as Atal Bihari Vajpayee took retirement from politics, we could hardly see any charismatic leader around. Due to which the governance was reduced to politics driven by alliances, hung parliaments and no single party or leader to blame for the turmoil in the country. This would have probably led to the weak governance at the centre and lack of developmental activities across the country. When the sinking ship of BHARTIYA JANTA PARTY (BJP)finally took a decision of bringing Shri Narendra Modi from Gujarat to Centre keeping aside the stalwarts such as L.K. Advani. And the strategy resulted in the victory of the party at the Centre. BJP has since grown in leaps and bounds and even the State politics is being captured by the party. Here we can see that the people were actually looking for a visionary to be their leader.
Two and half years exactly after the Lok Sabha elections, the BJP has again clean sweeper the state of Uttar Pradesh with a record win. In Uttrakhand also the State has performed very well. The faith of the public in Shri Narendra Modi is increasing by every passing day. Within the first two years of the Governance at the centre, Mr. Modi has brought out the well thought of schemes of Swachh Bharat, Jan Dhan Yojna, GST bill, foreign relations with various nations, efforts to curb black money, EPFO reforms, One rank One Pension, proposed bullet train, Major overhaul of the rail transport, etc, have went off well with the public. The way Modi Government has worked on the issue of LPG subsidy and the results achieved has been appreciable.
The recent victory in the Uttar Pradesh (Assembly Elections) the biggest state with a complex structure in India where politics was primarily determined by the caste and religion based vote banks has proved the fact that even those political parties who had risen by betting on the reserved categories and minorities could not go well with the needy strata of society and they were necessitated to look for a savior who can help them.
The win of BJP in Uttrakhand is also an ointment to the recent Uttrakhand Fiasco. Harish Rawat, the ex-chief Minister now of Uttrakhand, who won the Supreme court supervised floor test could not stand against BJP in the assembly elections. In Manipur, where BJP did not have any presence, this time won record seats though may not be able to make government. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari to Gujarat to North East, Modi wave is sweeping across the country and making its presence felt. BJP has 52.09% presence in the country now with major states forming their government. The politicians of the opposition parties can’t keep them at bay from praising Modi and have been predicting that 2019 will also be the term of Modi Era and Other parties can well prepare for the 2024 elections.
This victory brings in the heavy pressure for Modi Government in centre and States to meet the expectations of the public at large. Otherwise, one may be well aware that in democracy, We the People are everything….