Amid Protests against CAA, NRC, Three Pakistani Youths Got Indian Citizenship In Gujarat

pakistani hindu getting indian citizenship

The Muslim community is getting worried and recently Hasina Ben, a Muslim woman got Indian citizenship only because of CAA, otherwise, she would have been struggling still.

On Wednesday (December 18.12.2019)), a Muslim woman from Pakistan named Hasina Ben received Indian citizenship after she returned back to India after her husband’s death. She had applied for Indian citizenship almost two years back.

The case does not end here, even three Pakistani youths have been granted Indian citizenship in Vavadi village of Gujarat, on Saturday (21.12.2019). Harsh Sodha, Sarup Singh Sodha, and Parbat Singh Sodha are the three-person who received the citizenship which was handed over to them by Rajkot MP Mohan Kundera. 

The Ministry of Home Affairs on Friday (December 20) released the five clauses under the Citizenship Act under which one will be eligible for getting Indian citizenship. Under the clause, a person can acquire Indian citizenship by birth, by descent, by registration, by naturalization, or by incorporation of territory. 

On the other side Section, 144 was imposed in Gujarat’s Rajkot in the wake of protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act, on Friday (December 21). Earlier on December 19.12.2019, many incidents of violence took place in the state in which nearly 50 people were arrested by the Gujarat police. 15 cops also got injured during a clash with the agitators. 

The violent protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) have engrossed several parts of the nation, days after CAA was passed in the Parliament.  

The Act aims to grant citizenship to Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Parsis, Buddhists and Christians who have come after facing religious harassment from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh and came to India on or before December 31, 2014.

Request to masses, please let the government do their work peacefully; everything will bring the best results for everyone. All the religions will be benefitted.

By this destroying the national property everything will go in debt and unnecessary money will be wasted in refurbishing the losses, in place of creating new things.

If still want to protest keep your words peacefully in front of the government and get your queries cleared. Peaceful things are always heard. The researchers who have studied the global protests revealed that 53% of cases get solved when done peacefully and very less if done with violence.

One can keep their words by writing an application, email, talking to concerned authorities and the right people. Best is listening to the news on a trusted channel which even explains with examples.

Please open your eyes and think twice before doing anything, maybe your own people are suffering from your activities.

“There Is No Solution and Space for Violence”

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