PM Imran Khan Proved That ‘Old Habits Die Hard’

fake video by imran khan against india

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan once again was caught red-handed for tweeting out the fake video to exaggerate his anti-India propaganda claiming misunderstanding against Muslims in Uttar Pradesh which later turned out to be an old video of an incident in Bangladesh.

Hours after Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan faced immense humiliation in front of the world over his tweet where he shared a video alleging violence against Muslims in Uttar Pradesh and on investigation later turned out to be an old video of an incident in Bangladesh, India’s ambassador and permanent representative to the United Nations Syed Akbaruddin mocked Imran Khan

He keeps doing such a nuisance against India and always gets exposed. Once again pushing his hate propaganda against India, Pakistan PM Imran Khan took to Twitter and shared a video claiming atrocities on Muslims in Uttar Pradesh, however, the truth was investigated and was soon to note that it was an old video of an incident in Bangladesh. 

Imran Khan, after getting exposed had to delete his tweets amid massive humiliation and trolling on the micro-blogging site twitter.

This video is not from UP, but from a May 2013 incident in Dhaka, Bangladesh, said by Uttar Pradesh police on twitter and issued a clarification. UP Police also had written on the microblogging site, tagging Khan’s tweet that many pieces of evidence had come forward from the tweet like the RAB (Rapid Action Battalion) written on the vests of people at 0:21s, 1:27s or the Bengali spoke, would help one to get better clarity about the incident.

Pakistan Imran Khan was also slammed for publicizing “fake news” by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) after he had tweeted a video of what he claimed was police action in Uttar Pradesh but turned out to be an old incident of Bangladesh.

Khan had shared the video on his Twitter handle claiming that it was of police violence targeting Muslims in UP. He captioned the video, “Indian police’s pogrom against Muslims in UP”. Spokesperson Raveesh Kumar, Ministry of External Affairs also tweeted with hashtag “Tweet Fake News”. Get Caught. Delete Tweet. Repeat,” ‘Old habits die hard’.

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