PM Modi Lauds IAF Pilots Awarded Astronaut Wings for Gaganyaan Mission, Recognizes Their Role as ‘Shakti 4’

Gaganyaan Mission

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently honored the Indian Air Force (IAF) pilots with astronaut wings for their pivotal role in the Gaganyaan mission. In a ceremony filled with pride and reverence, PM Modi recognized their dedication and dubbed them ‘Shakti 4’, emphasizing their significance in India’s space exploration journey.

Recognition of Exceptional Service:

During the ceremony, PM Modi lauded the exemplary service of the IAF pilots, highlighting their unwavering commitment and bravery in advancing India’s space endeavors. Their relentless training and preparation for the Gaganyaan mission were acknowledged as instrumental in the nation’s ambitious pursuit of space exploration.

Key Achievements Celebrated:

The ceremony celebrated the remarkable achievements of the IAF pilots, who underwent rigorous training to qualify for the Gaganyaan mission. PM Modi emphasized their significant contributions to the mission’s success, recognizing their expertise and professionalism in fulfilling their roles as astronauts.

Embracing the ‘Shakti 4’ Identity:

PM Modi’s reference to the IAF pilots as ‘Shakti 4’ resonated deeply with their role as the driving force behind India’s space aspirations. The title not only symbolizes their strength and resilience but also underscores their crucial role in shaping India’s space narrative.

Inspiring Future Generations:

By honoring the IAF pilots with astronaut wings and acknowledging their role as ‘Shakti 4’, PM Modi has not only recognized their contributions but also inspired future generations to pursue careers in space exploration. Their dedication serves as a beacon of hope and encouragement for aspiring astronauts across the nation.


PM Modi’s commendation of the IAF pilots and their recognition as ‘Shakti 4’ exemplifies India’s commitment to space exploration and acknowledges the indispensable role of its armed forces in advancing scientific endeavors. As the nation looks towards the stars, the bravery and dedication of these pilots serve as a testament to India’s prowess in the cosmos.