Protest against CAA in Seelampur – Jaffrabad Area Turned Into Violence

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Violence has now become prevalent in East-Delhi on Tuesday (17.12.2019) as angry protesters covered the streets and threw pieces of brick on policemen within the Seelampur-Jaffrabad area, located in the territory’s northeast.

The protest is with respect to the discontent of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, a law that deals with refugee naturalization and the critics keeping less knowledge about it says it is anti-Muslim.

The police in Seelampur were heavily outnumbered and constant tear gas shelling made breathing difficult. The streets were masked in a haze and scattered with broken brick.

In the beginning, it started as a peaceful protest against the citizenship bill but got out of hand later said by a resident of that place

Delhi Police sources said the protest was scheduled in Jaffrabad at 2 pm. They said people gathered at around 1.15 pm and marched towards Seelampur.

The protest was peaceful but violence exploded when they were dispersing. Azib Aman, a resident, told the newswire

Reporters in their clicked pictures showed the words written on the wall in Seelampur “We Reject CAB” Another photo showed a policeman with a badly injured eye.

As many as seven metro stations — Seelampur on the Red Line and Welcome, Jaffrabad, Maujpur-Babarpur, Shiv Vihar, Johri Enclave and Gokulpuri on the Pink Line — have been closed.

Citizens are advised to follow the Twitter handles of the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (@OfficialDMRC) and the Delhi Traffic Police (@dtptraffic) for travel advisories.

It Is Truly Pity the Understanding of the People, Little Knowledge Is Dangerous


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