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As the time of voting which is scheduled on 8th February is coming closer the campaigning is taking its heights and each party is playing the blame game on the other but a voter should always decide to vote after self understanding of the facts; who could be worth for running the state properly?, who can raise the development in the city?, who can give benefits to people? And lastly who can bring speedy developments? 

The development of a state becomes very easy if the same party is taking hold at both the places, in the centre and in the state. Casting vote is a very important right of an individual but it should be casted by self assessment and not just by moronic behaviour. Voting should not be the target of pressure created by people rather it should be by one who really thinks the party will be worth for them in the long run.


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In the past many unpleasant happenings took place and still it is continued, but amongst these incidents there is a question of Harshita Kejriwal, daughter of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, aiming the critic at BJP for labelling her father a ‘terrorist’ and questioned, if running a range of welfare programmes make him so? This came into highlights on January 28, when BJP MP Parvesh Verma while campaigning in West Delhi had called Kejriwal a “terrorist”,  though, this remark was later cleared by Union Minister Prakash Javadekar and said it was his misunderstanding rather it was meant to say the people who support anti national activities are the terrorist. It was not basically pointed out to him. But this is politics and something is required to be thrown to gain sympathy, this is what done by Arvind Kejriwal.


Arvind Kejriwal Daughter

Harshita, daughter of Kejriwal had asserted that her father had always been in social services citing, one of the example she cited, she very well remember that her father (Arvind Kejriwal) used to wake up all of us at home –myself,  my brother, mother and grandparents at 6 am, and used to make all of us read Bhagwad Gita and sing Insaan se insaan ka ho bhaicharasong and teach us about it. And then questioned, Is this terrorism?”

She further said that people say politics is dirty but it’s a new low. She had also repeated the party’s committed words. She safeguarded her father by asking; is it terrorism if health facilities are made free and brought to people? Is it terrorism if children are educated? Is it terrorism if electricity and water supply are improved? 


Delhi Election 2020

Votes for work done  said by Arvind Kejriwal Daughter

It appeared as if Harshita Kejriwal is also interested to join politics with her appearance in front of people, she had also said with confidence that Delhites will vote on February 8 based on the work done by the Aam Admi Party government and not on BJP’s allegations, though nothing of this kind of allegation was put, but it only reflected to become a sorry figure in front of people. 

Whatever AAP has claimed to the people, the very same was repeated by her, she said let BJP put the allegation on AAP and also let them bring 200 MPs and 11 CMs for campaigning but they had two crore common people with them for campaigning (with AAP). The truth will come on February 11 if the people have casted votes on the basis of allegations or the work done.

Disappointing to tag CM a terrorist by Arvind Kejriwal Wife

Sunita Kejriwal, the wife of the CM, too commented and said that the accusation of members of the Opposition against Arvind Kejriwal, calling him a “terrorist or Maoist” was unacceptable. She had portrayed the sympathetic ground and said that their concern is about his health. It is very sad that some people from the opposition party had pointed Arvind with tags of a terrorist. She said he has always devoted his life to social service. People in politics should be mature and not make such statements.

❒ Polarising Election Campaigns

The campaign for February 8 Assembly election in Delhi has reached its climax and only 50 hours are left, with outstanding strength and vigour of body mind or spirit from the BJP, the AAP and the Congress where each one has crossed the barred attacks on each other. The BJP has been aggressive with the AAP on issues like anti-CAA protest at Shaheen Bagh and performance of the Arvind Kejriwal government in five years. The AAP, on the other hand, has been alleging BJP on some or the other stupid issues.

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