Rituals To Follow This Upcoming Ganesh Chaturthi!


Ganesh Chaturthi 

Ganpati, a Hindu god considered as the prior Deva in Sanatan Dharam. People worship Ganesha, begin all their good works and auspicious events with his blessings. He is also considered as VIGHNA HARTA or the one who removes all the obstacles from the path of his devotees. He is the protector against natural calamities. Lord Ganesha is one of the most worshipped Gods in Hinduism and Ganesh Utsav is also one of the most celebrated Hindu festivals in India. Throughout the month of August people started preparation of welcoming Lord Ganesha to their homes and eventually gave them a farewell in hope that next year he will come again to give his blessings. Not only Hindus but people from other religions also celebrated the festival of Bappa. 

Ganesh Chaturthi is also known as Vinayak Chaturthi and celebrated during the month of Bhadrapada. As per the Hindu Calender, this 10 days festival starts on the 4th day and ends on the 14th day that is from Shukla Paksha Chaturthi to Anant Chaturdashi. 

Every year people celebrate this festival with their utmost faith and rituals to bring peace, prosperity and good luck to their homes and seek blessings of lord Ganpati. Ganpati’s festival is celebrated in different parts of the country with different faiths and rituals but most of the rituals are common. 

Ganesh Chaturthi

Here is how you can follow the auspicious rituals of Ganesh Chaturthi:

Pran Pratishtha: This is the ritual of invoking life into the idol of Lord Ganesha. It is performed by a priest who chants mantras and performs other rituals. People nowadays buy idols of Lord Ganesha themselves and establish them in their homes. Idols in different sizes and shapes also in unique attires are available in the market. Famous celebrities decorated beautiful sheds especially to establish the idol of lord Ganesha. Social media platforms are loaded with pictures of celebrities performing Puja in their homes and standing in front of their Ganpati idol. 

Ganesh Chaturthi

Shodashopachara: This ritual includes offering flowers, fruits, sweets, incense, and prayers. People sing devotional and Bhakti songs to offer their prayers to Bappa. Devotees decorate their homes, burst crackers, Play Dhols to welcome Bappa. People who perform fasting start their day with a ritual bath, wear new clothes to perform the Abhishek. For Abhishek, they give a Snana to Ganpati, cover their idol in saffron cloth, offer flowers, Chandan, dhoop, mala etc. One more tradition which is followed by the devotees in the Ganpati Festival is to avoid looking at the moon. It is believed that looking at the moon at this time can create MITHYA DOSHAM or MITHYA KALANK which means a false accusation of stealing something. 

Aarti and Bhog: A prayer that is offered to Lord Ganesha. It is performed by waving a lamp in front of the idol. One of the most supreme delicacies which is offered to Bappa is MODAK. It is considered to be the favourite sweet of Lord Ganesha. Modak is a dumpling or a conical shaped sweet made with flour and stuffed with jaggery, Meva, coconut and dry fruits. During the rituals it is believed that 21 Modak and 21 Durvas, a sacred special grass should be offered according to the rituals. 

Visarjan: This is the ritual of immersing the idol of Lord Ganesha in a body of water. It is performed on the final day of the festival. People in thousands gathered to bid adieu to Lord Ganesha and ask him to come again next year. People play with colourful Gulal but also have tears in their eyes as they are giving a farewell to their dear Bappa. 

Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Utsav is being celebrated with ultimate devotion and faith during the months of August and September. People start their preparation months before the festivals. The upcoming Ganesh Utsav will be the time for prayers, devotion and offerings to our Bappa.