Russia Breaking News: Escalating Fighting in Northwest Syria could end in a “Bloodbath” , Warned United Nations

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The United Nations is responsible to maintain international peace and security develop friendly relations among nations, achieve international cooperation, being an intergovernmental organization. It works on humanitarian grounds. For this it has warned Syria on Friday (21.02.2020) to stop the rising of violence in northwest Syria, otherwise it could end in a “bloodbath”. 

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish President conversed on phone to Russia’s president Vladimir Putin to discuss the quickly deteriorating situation in Syria.

In a phone call, Erdogan said attacks in Idlib (A city in Northwestern Syria) – which is backed by Russia has exiled nearly one million people and brought Ankara, Moscow and Damascus to the edge of conflicts , and this should be immediately stopped.

Erdogan had also asked his French and German counterparts to provide “concrete” support in ending the rapidly increased humanitarian crisis in Syria’s Idlib region.

Idlib is responsible for the radical fighting under the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government during a nine-year war and has killed hundreds of thousands of people and evacuated millions. 

Turkey, supporting some insurgent groups in Idlib, has lost 16 military workforces this month in clashes with Syrian forces. It has strengthened its positions and called for Syrian forces to withdraw.

Hulusi Akar, Defence Minister of Ankara inspected troops gathered at the Syrian border on Friday (21.02.2020) and threatened Syria for its  “forthcoming” operation against Syrian forces, if not withdrawn as early as possible.

However, Erdogan said he would hold a call with Russian President Vladimir Putin at 15:00 GMT to discuss the intensified conflicts. During this telephonic conversation, they would probably discuss all the developments in Idlib. Right now the fight could be controlled. And today by this call, they might determine their attitude.

Ruthless violence

The UN’s office for humanitarian coordination spokesman Jens Laerke told a Geneva news briefing that it is very merciful to know that some 60 percent of the 900,000 people are children who had fled their homes and are trapped in violence area. The “persistent violence” must stop before it degenerates into bloodshed for civilians.

Laerke said in the freezing winter, many people have gone to burning their spare clothes, pieces of furniture or other materials. The relentless violence is moving closer to those areas which are packed with displaced people. The increasing bombardments are affecting the displacement sites and their surrounding area. Thus for the humanitarian grounds it is requested to immediate ceasefire to prevent further suffering.

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