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Delhi Assembly Election Updates

The campaigning of Delhi Assembly Election itself has created a history, the leaders have crossed the line of discipline and have used objectionable words for their opponents, especially Rahul Gandhi of Congress party and Sanjay Singh of AAP.  In Lok Tantra, it is good to have a strong opposition but not stumpy in politics.

Kejriwal’s Video Message to BJP Supporters

Yesterday (05.02.2020), Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal posted a video to Delhi residents, this video basically was thrown as a critic to ‘BJP supporters’, where he was seen asking, where were Congress and the BJP party, when children in Delhi were studying in decrepit schools and also did not have basic facilities like hospitals, and also the electricity rates were shooting up.

Further he carried on saying that it was during those hard times he had come and holded their hands. He had created cheap electricity, renovated schools and also developed proper medical facilities. But no one knew that the centre had created much better facilities but Kejriwal did not allow these facilities to get implemented in the state and posed his own facilities.

Nut Shell of the Campaign in Delhi Assembly Elections

Delhi election updates: this time in the final election push, the three key parties, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Congress, had made last conduit effort to seek votes as campaigning ended today by 5.00 pm. The Election Commission of India (ECI) had kept a close watch on Model Code of Conduct (MCC) violations and will also keep an eagle eye, across the national capital as canvassing 48 hours before polling is banned.

All the top leaders were seen reaching out to the residents, BJP MP Parvesh Verma remained absent as EC restrained him for 24 hours for the second time. This time he had remarked against chief minister Arvind Kejriwal. Another known very popular BJP face, Sambit Patra, was also issued notice by the Election Commission, asking him to reply till 5 pm today, for violating model code of conduct (MCC). He had landed in a soup over his statement to a news channel. “These anti-nationalist people will enter into people’s homes and torture the people as happened with Kashmiri Pandit on their emigration. If the existing environment in the country will pursue, especially as that of Shaheen Bagh, then the day is not far away when these people will enter the houses and hit people.

On the last but one day of the campaign in Delhi polls on Wednesday, the AAP, the Congress, and the BJP had a very hot shot throw of words over issues ranging from citizenship law, appeasement politics and unemployment. The Congress was behind its leaders Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra to attack the AAP and the BJP.

On Tuesday (04.02.2020), police revealed that Kapil Baisala, the man who opened fire at Shaheen Bagh protest site last week, was an AAP worker. Then Kejriwal while addressing a press conference said that if Baisala would be found connected to his party then he would be given a “double punishment”. Though he said, he was not aware of his (Baisala’s ties) with the any political party.

Kejriwal on attacking Home Minister Amit Shah, questioned his intention on sending police officers for a press conference. In the meantime a BJP delegation, headed by Union minister Prakash Javadekar, met the Election Commission seeking an FIR against AAP leaders, citing the firing by an alleged AAP worker near Shaheen Bagh protest here.

Javadekar said on Tuesday (04.02.2020), the police have revealed that the person who had fired in Shaheen bagh is a worker of AAP. The photos of AAP leader Sanjay Singh and others welcoming him were also exposed by the police. This was an open plotting to activate two communities and create vote bank in one of them. The AAP’s plan was to disturb communal harmony. We had given all the proof to the EC.

Amit Shah while addressing a rally in Kondli in east Delhi said the polls were a contest between two ideologies and results will be a shocker to everyone. He said the AAP and the Congress took their last breath to put all kinds of irrelevant allegations on BJP like; Citizenship Amendment Act, Ram temple in Ayodhya, abrogation of Article 370, due to fear of their “vote bank “politics. Then at the end “he had asked the crowd if they were AAP supporters, where the people together sounded a big “NO”.

Amit Shah made it very clear that “Delhi elections are not a contest between two parties. One has to choose between two ideologies — Rahul Baba, Kejriwal and the company which supports Shaheen Bagh or Modi who is safeguarding the country.

Shah had also attacked Kejriwal accusing him of being “number one liar” and suspected that the as the AAP government failed to fulfill their promises of all the incidents which took place in Delhi in the past, but as soon as we are on chair then will take no time in endorsing JNU case accused Kanhaiya Kumar and Umar Khalid, and Sharjeel Imam, who was booked under incitement to rebellion charges. It is our promise within one hour of the BJP forming government in Delhi, the investigation will start.

As usual Rahul Gandhi hit out at Shah, saying that people should not listen to him as his speeches contain “kachra”. Rahul while addressing poll rallies in Kondli and Chandni Chowk assembly constituencies of Delhi, he had claimed that unlike the leaders of other parties, he never lied in his speeches. Rahul had also said that “the speeches of PM (Narendra) Modi and (Delhi Chief Minister) Arvind Kejriwal are nothing but full of lies.

He had claimed that he had been in politics for 15 years. One can listen to any of his speeches, not even a single lie would be found. On the contrary, if one listens to Modi, Kejriwal, Shah, it is only “Kachra.”

Rahul Gandhi had also launched a sarcastic attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, that he does not want the youth to get employment as it works like oxygen for his politics.

Rahul also said there was no need for prime minister Narendra Modi to give lessons on nationalism and he should explain why he was not able to provide employment to the youth. He had continued saying before the arrival of Modi power in 2014, there was no Hindu-Muslim divide in the country from 2004-2014 but as he came to power and migrated from Gujarat had spread the poison. The people on reaction to his speech said, he should not forget one thing that all these things are happening only because of Jawaharlal Nehru, his great grandfather, So he himself is a great liar and indiscipline person. Priyanka Vadra had also accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal of being “hungry for publicity”. She had said that “Slogans tell character”(delhi election updates). Those who worked in the nation’s interest can be identified by their slogans. She had repeated some of her slogans like ‘Jai jawan, Jai Kisan’, ‘Mai Yuva hoon’, ‘Mera Ek Sapna hai’, ‘Aaram haram hai’, ‘Roti, kapda, makaan’. But what is the use of these slogans which were fit for nothing, since ages they had ruled for 70 years what great deal was raised by these slogans, the poverty is still lying in the country and now it is so much deep-rooted that it will take years to come back to the normal, but, still Modi government is working day and night to raise the nation in its developments, and creating new platforms for youngsters? But as Rome was not built in a day, similarly for the country to reach its best it will take a few years, said by the people.

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