Bridal Makeup and costume is what a woman dreams about all her life

until the special day arrives. She wants her wedding day to be with the

most special memories and to look her best. Bridal makeup has a radiance

and traditional essence of its own and should be done with care to

enhance her pluses.


So here are some small essential Indian bridal makeup tips,

that can enhance her beauty and to keep her in sync with her bridal dress on the most auspicious day of her life.

The bridal makeup highly depends on the weather or the time of the wedding.

In case of day time wedding, you need to put on soft makeup that

brightens up your face while during night wedding, heavy makeup shades

with dark colors is preferred, especially because of the photographs.


You will definitely have the best beauticians to prepare you for the

special night but still some little tips might be handy in case you need

a quick touch up Beauty Tips For Women Over.


A glowing shimmer of bronze can make your face look sharper in the

wedding photographs therefore, you can casually roll along the bronze

face fixer to have a heavy contour on a face.



A bride is likely to go through a lot of stress and tension before her

even before weeks from her wedding hence this can lead to puffy eyes and

dark-circles on the D-day. To take care of this, you can use

chamomile tea bags and cucumbers on your eyes before you put on final

makeup where it will be finally hidden with heavy shades.


Beautiful and fuller lips are a trademark of Indian Brides hence here

are some small tips to make your lips appear fuller on the day of your

wedding. Apply natural skin-toned lip-liners to make the lips go beyond

natural lines but make sure you don’t make it too think. After the

lipstick job is done you can add a little shimmer on the midpoint of the

lower lip. This makes your lips appear fuller than usual.


The Wedding day is not the time when you conduct an experiment with your makeup

hence prefer to use your regular methods or makeup brand to avoid skin

irritation. Avoid last-minute makeup change or style change as this may

lead to a disaster. This is true in case of bridal dresses too.


You need to stay calm and pick the perfect foundation for the evening.

Never forget to practice your bridal makeup twice or thrice before the actual day of the wedding, if you are planning to do your own makeup.


To keep your makeup in place, always carry a blotting paper or puff

along with a compact as it helps if your makeup seems to fall off place.

If you have trouble dealing with melting eye makeup, never hesitate

to put around powder over and around the eyes. This might even save you

from having raccoon-like eyes on your wedding day.


Above everything else

never forget to put up a gorgeous smile to complete your Indian Bridal makeup.