Finger Licking Best Street Foods in Kolkata to Try

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It will be surprising to know that Kolkata has Just won the title of India’s best street food hub. When we talk about delicious varieties of street food in India, Kolkata is a winner.

After Mumbai, Amritsar, Ahmedabad, and New Delhi, Kolkata has been deemed as the best destination for an amazing variety of street food, this was mentioned in a report ‘Taste of Travel’ conducted by ‘The Times of India’.

The survey was conducted autonomously among 56,727 respondents over 30 markets. The results after paying attention to 2,023 respondents Indian travelers, suggested that 67% of Indian travelers base their destination as per the cuisine and food experiences that the place offers.

With enormous street food stalls across all its localities, surprisingly Kolkata has topped the list. Surrounding a wide variety of tasty treats, explained are few one must-try street food experiences in the City of joy Kolkata.

Street Food 1. Phuchka

street food 1

Kolkata’s puchka is legendary at Gariahat road, and to taste its goodness one has to visit the city.

Nobody can deny by calling it as king of street food in Kolkata, the self-effacing phuchka has taken its place in the heart of street-food lovers. One wanted to relish has to Visit the Maharaja Chaat Centre on Southern Avenue, or visit Bhawanipore to try the best phuchka in the city. The phuchkawala will also rustle up tasty treats like papri chat, dum aloo phuchkas and dahi phuchkas so that one can eat to their satisfaction.

Street Food 2. Kathi Rolls

street food 2

Kolkata invented the famous kathi roll. It is little wonder, the best Kathi Rolls in India with the delicious stuffing wrapped in soft roti rolls here are in a different union. Nizam’s in New Market, or Kusum’s or in Park Street for Hot Kathi Roll, Amazing to have and never feel like ending up with it.

Street Food 3. Chinese/Tibetian street food

street food 3

To enjoy this food one has to visit Tiretti Bazaar in Kolkata. One will need to rise early to relish this as the stock finishes by 7 am. Reaching Tiretti Bazaar for the most delicious Chinese breakfast, and also to relish soup, dumplings, momos and Tibetian bread. The area is favorite for both morning walkers, and people returning from a late-night party. Other popular spots for mouth watering momos are the stalls right outside the Rabindra Sadan Metro exit.

Street Food 4. Telebhaja

street food 4

These yummy deep-fried snacks are favourite amongst young and old both. Having this along with a cup of tea is quite relishing. One can have brinjal fries, aloo chops, peyaji, daler bora and the veg chop or phuluri. Iconic telebhaja joints in Kolkata include Mukhoruchi, at GLT Road, Jihobar Jol, on RN Das Road, and Narendrar Dokan, on Harish Chatterjee Street.

Street Food 5. Fish Fry

street food 5

Good news for non vegetarians, this is the most amazing crunchy one of the street foods in Kolkata. The mouth watering fish-fry is available all over the city, yet there are a few spots like the Golpark 5-point crossing on the Gariahat side, and in Tollygunge. Lovingly known as ‘Mach Bhaja’, the fish fry is made using small fish like Mourola (Anchovies), Parshe (Mallet), and large fish like the Rohu, and Katla.

Street Food 6. Aloo Puri/Luchi Aloo

street food 6

Nothing comes close to an awesome hot luchi, accompanied with spicy aloo. A plate of luchi aloo cost very little as Rs 15 per plate. Visit Tasty Corner in Ballygunge, or the Arun Tea Stall, near St Xavier’s College, one can eat as much as one wants. The best luchi aloo except this city one cannot find anywhere.

Street Food 7 Ghugni

street food 7

This is a typical Bengali food item made from a combination of white and yellow peas boiled together, the dish contains onion, coriander and chilly, as well as tamarind and mint. Best part is that it is not expensive and also filling, ghugni is popular among the rich and poor both and is found on almost every street corner in Kolkata. Visit Dacres Lane, or the stalls opposite Bombay Dyeing, near New Market, to dig into the best ghugni.

Street Food 8. Jhal Muri

street food 8

This is famous of Kolkata. Jhal Muri is truly a treat for the senses. Doesn’t take long time to prepare nor any kind of pre preparation is required.  Jhal muri is prepared from puffed rice which is mixed with chopped onions, chillies, tomatoes, coriander, spices and nuts with the entire mixture tossed in mustard oil. For the best jhal muri to enjoy, strawl along the banks of the Hooghly River, near Babughat or visit the stalls near the Victoria Memorial, and the Kolkata Maidan, many vendors you will find standing by.

Street Food 9. Singara

street food 9

The thick and tasty Kolkata singara is perfect for the rainy season, known as samosas in the rest of the country. The Kolkata Singara is slightly larger than a regular samosa and is stuffed with either potato or mutton, chicken or moong-dal. It tastes best with hot tea, the humble Kolkata singara can trigger the mood up during dull, rainy days. Singaras are widely available at all street food vendors across Kolkata.

Street Food 10. Bhel Puri

street food 10

Kolkata’s Bhel Puri is beyond any description. It is an adventure for our taste buds. The Bengali adaptation of bhel puri is full of spicy goodness. The crisp papdi, the tasty muri, and chopped onions and other vegetables, together with the tangy and spicy masalas, make this a favourite among everyone. For the best bhel puri in the city, visit the street stalls near the Kolkata Maidan and the Victoria Memorial.

“If One Gets a Chance to Visit Kolkata Do Not Come Back Without Enjoying All the Street Foods of This City of Joy”

Dakshineswar Kali Temple a Hindu temple with shrines to Krishna and Vishnu is located at the Hooghly River (Ganga) in Dakshineswar north of Kolkata.


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