How in today’s life teenage and depression becoming synonymous


“I draw with silver and it turns red”

Well, the above mentioned quote isn’t “magic” but the grieved ones who end up chiseling their soul through the intense pain that has completely fagged them  off!

“As I lay there crouched into the corner,

pondering over my dauntings,

I have had enough with my life, I sat there wondering!

Finally, a deep cut through my skin  was only an undeniable answer,

Slowly I passed out, relinquishing my life, as a token to all of my afflictions!”

Teenage depression is one of the most popular crisis thats befalling upon the  adolscents around the world.The irony being, very few seek for a medical help to relieve themselves off the burden and lead a simpler life!

The cause however can be anything varying from the grades inferiority to career inabilities to an intolerable heartbreak to being a butt of the joke in the school or college and yes the list is endless!

 One of the person bearing this nightmare, moaned, “It is like asking me to climb Mount Everest in high heels,”. I mean you can certainly sense the intensity of pain this person must be going through!

The experts claim that self-harm is the most opted key as a factor of the phychological predaciment and also cited that this spectrum of agony has haunted the 21st century teens to  multiple folds!

Today’s adoloscents are witnessed to be more feeble, less volatile and are brimming with the mind-boggling issues in some way or the other.Although, they are called to be spoilt or highly pampered, yet a meticulous speculation into the problem paints out a completely varying picture.

Angst and depression is considered to be one of the most well-known phenomena in today’s teens, be it in a school going kid or a matured proclaimed college one.

According to the data from the National Institute of Mental Health a number of almost 322 million teens were estimated to be stuck by this gloomy anomaly in the year 2015. India comprises of almost 57 million teens following the  footsteps of distress!

It is also gauged that with the burgeoning globalization, urbanization,migration and modernization that is intimately linked to the accelerated socio-analytical transmutation, depression in teens tends to hike in the forthcoming years!

Yes, depression is entirely avoidable and also treatable!


·        Among the children the signs of depression comprises of ceaseless gloominess, throwing tantrums, highly bothered, always complaining, constantly grumbling about some or the other  physical health issue like headache or stomach ache, poor academic performance, ventfulness, being anxious and bored, unhealthy relations with family.

·        Among the adults it tends to mark up a higher level of “self-harm” and disruptions in the thinking process leading to suicidal thoughts and a complete mismanagement taking life!

·        Among the late-lifers, it is more of an extrusive Psychomotor turbulence and irritatibility. They tend to speak less, eat less, be lost, in short, they tend to isolate from the world and get comfortable in their own bubble of pessimism!

Depression at an early stage of life can be really challenging to deal with, as the state of your mind isnt fully prepared and matured to deal with the downheartedness with the ceaseless patience and an undeterred strength!

A report of 2015 from the Child Mind Institute found that only about 20% of the youths with a diagnosable anxiety disorder get treated.They also claimed that it’s really tough to measure and forsee the actions of the victims as most of  them are highly close-mouthed!

The social media platforms are one of the grave threats to incorporate a low-selfesteem and self-satisfaction in the youths. Also, the online assualts and crimes have hitched up like the tornado in today’s world, which is calibarting  to  increase in the coming years as almost  seventy-six percent of teens use social media, and 50 percent of teens feel they are addicted to their smartphones.