5 New Features You Can Try On WhatsApp


Today:  WhatsApp commands as an unmatched player in the messaging field; it serves over a billion clients because of its basic UI and security Feature.

Be that as it may, so as to keep up this client base and remain in front of the challenge, the Facebook-possessed organization has additionally been pushing some helpful new capacities both through beta and stable discharges

Feature #1: Group Security Controls to Prevent Unwanted Blocking

  1. Group protection control is presumably a standout amongst the best highlights discharged by WhatsApp (stable) over the most recent couple of months.
  2. You can pick anybody between ‘everyone, my contacts, and no one’ to characterize who could include you into groups.
  3. The choice, got to from the security tab in record settings, lets you block unwanted people from adding you into groups.

Feature #2: Send 30 Sound Files at Once

  1. This specific element took off with WhatsApp beta adaptation 2.19.89, gives clients another interface for sending sound documents.
  2. Basically, unlike the current audio sharing interface, the new UI from WhatsApp gives you a chance to send upwards of 30 sound records on the double.
  3. Plus, you can see the collection craftsmanship related with each sound chose and a catch to play/stop it before sending.

Feature  #3: Biometric Security to Keep WhatsApp Bolted

  1. WhatsApp has additionally included biometric confirmation, an approach to lockdown the messaging application and counteract outsider access.
  2. Quite, the ability will likewise give you a chance to pick when the application would bolt: following use or following 1, 10, 30 minutes.
  3. The feature is already available for iPhone users who can use Face ID/Touch ID on their devices, while the Android form is in beta.

Feature #4: In-App Browsing Capabilities

  1. WhatsApp Android beta rendition 2.19.74 additionally gives a look at an in-application browser
  2. The feature, as the name proposes, gives clients a chance to open connections inside WhatsApp itself, rather than diverting the client to an outsider program like Chrome or Opera.
  3. The ability is like how connects open inside the Facebook application and positively improves your WhatsApp experience.

Feature #5: Dark Mode for Better Experience, Battery Saving

  1. WhatsApp has additionally discharged a dull mode for the informing application, however you’ll require its most recent Android beta (v2.19.87 or newer) to attempt it.
  2. The feature recolor’s the application and a large portion of its pages, including those visits and settings, with a dim shade.
  3. This way, you can spare battery and utilizing the application turns out to be substantially more advantageous, especially at night.