Apple Iphones coming with 5G Technology in 2020, Confirmed

5g iphones

We haven’t seen the new 2020 5g iPhones yet and we’re already dreaming about the ones beyond that but realistically that’s the huge upgrade. This is still a stopgap until we get to that redesign, USBC 5g, the 3d sensing cameras, etc. All these are so exciting things. Apple suppliers gave a slight hint of what they are doing with their 2019 and 2020 release. The 2020 iPhone is returning to the full-screen touch ID through the acoustic method. The smartphones from Apple could also get LED screens in 2020. At the moment only the top-end iPhone Xs and XS Mac’s have LDE displays whilst the XR still has an LCD. The TF International Securities in charge, Ming-Chi Kuo predicted more than a year before it happened that Apple will release 3 iPhones. He is also forecasting that Apple will release 3 different phones by 2020 with varied screen sizes, two of which will support 5g.

Wendy 5g communications will be coming to the iPhones. The fifth-generation modern chips on average will be able to perform 10 to 100 times faster than 4g connections at the speed of one gigabyte per second or even higher.

Based on an anonymous source, Apple will be releasing the 5g iPhones in 2020. As Apple’s 5g chips won’t be available until 2022, so the next iphone will need Qualcomm chips to get access to the superfast network speeds.  They are planning on using Intel’s 8161 modem chips and will be made through Intel’s 10-nanometer process which Fast Company says will increase the transistor density for improved speed and efficiency. If everything goes according to this plan, Intel will be the only provider for iphone models 2020. Intel has been working on a prototype Mahtim Chip 80/60 and it will be used to test the 5g iphones.

The source has told the Fast Company that currently, Apple is pretty unhappy with Intel since the 80/60 modern chip has caused heat dissipation and battery life issues. Wireless carriers will rely on the millimeter wavelength spectrum to connect the 5g iphones. This millimeter-wave spectrum will range from 30 gigahertz to 300 gigahertz releasing lots of thermal energy which could even be felt on the surface of 5g iphones. Even with this issue Apple still hasn’t considered talking to Qualcomm about being the supplies for 5g modems especially due to the legal dispute between the companies. This dispute led to the flagship iphone tennis max on the 10R to have Intel modem chips only. Currently, Intel has a lot of people working on their 5g technology to compete with Qualcomm to get the final 5g modem contract with Apple. We will start seeing 5g Android smartphones in early 2019. Although there are lots of people suggesting that Apple might also release their 5g iphones in 2019 but it is very unlikely with the current situation. It will be best if Apple waits for the 5g technology to improve before they start adding it to the iphones.