Google Launches Tangi App To Take On TikTok In The Short Video Game

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Tangi App by Google

Today is the world of technology and its applications. Amongst many applications of Google, there comes one innovative app that is Tangi app. Videos are created nearly by every social media platform, from Facebook to YouTube, but with the onset of a new Google experiment, there has come out a surprise for providing short DIY videos a network all to themselves. A project from Google’s lab, Area 120,  Tangi is a network devoted to short DIY videos, hacks, and tutorials.

In a home screen that looks harshly similar to the DIY-champ Pinterest, Tangi houses one-minute-or-less video tutorials. The videos, all in the smartphone-friendly vertical orientation, aim to turn what would normally be a long how-to article into easy-to-follow video tutorial

Once the video option is clicked, users can like, share, or comment. On the app, there is also a option “try it” click on “try it” this will allow users to upload their own photos and comments on how nicely the tutorial worked for them. Shortcuts allow one to find “more like this,” while hash tags and categories will also help one to organize the platform’s videos.

Short Video App by Google

The Tangi project, team leader Coco Mao, said that she got the idea from her mother.  When she saw her mother had learnt to paint by following one of the video tutorials. “She said she had been working with creators who are already involved into these kinds of videos, she was deeply working into the Tangi project to give a place where they can create a voice to inspire other makers. Mao wrote in a blog post. “Tangi’s focus on creativity and community is the biggest draw for them. They’ve been able to experiment with new ways to take their creativity to the next level.

Tangi name was derived from the word tangible and a sort-of-not-really acronym for TeAch aNd Give, it already contains videos on art, cooking, DIY, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. If somebody like it then it serves as a sort of bookmark, as the user profile contains a list of liked videos.

Short Video App by Google

Tangi feels like a hyper-focused Pinterest, with less personal organization, that houses TikTok-like how-to create videos. Social media is trying to compete with the rapid growth of TikTok in China with new video and music features. Tangi is less lip-syncs and dance videos, and more artistic inspiration. The DIY focus, however, will likely gather a much different audience than TikTok, which is most popular among teens and young adults.

Tangi works online and is available as a free iOS app or can be downloaded from any web browser by visiting The platform is also open for likes and shares, but every user cannot go for uploads, this option is not yet available.

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