How To Send WhatsApp Messages Without Saving The Number.


The advancement in technology has transformed the way we communicate and interact with people. Earlier with invention of line telephone the telecommunication industry witnessed a new spectrum of conversation. Then with onset of millennium a few people owned handset, however in the last decade we observed a watershed moment when smart phones hit the markets. Earlier Androids were not widely used phones as people were not acquainted with its operation and high prices restricted its ownership. Later with slew of companies venturing in smart phone segment the competition rose and ultimately prices were slashed. Though smart phones markets boomed but still internet was pricey, then with introduction of Jio internet facility mobile internet flourished. In today’s world every tom, dick and harry can be seeing with a smart phone glued to 5.5 inch of screen. With smart phones various apps have proliferated app zones with whatsapp becoming one of the most preferred app for communication across android and ios platforms.

Gone are the days when people used to send normal text messages that coasted a rupee, now whatsapp has taken the way of Communication by storm. Whatsapp has facilitated ease of communication and multimedia sharing among social circle.

In whatsapp the conventional way of sending a message is that the sender has to first save the contact and then send message, however the receiver can get the message without saving senders number. WA Direct Chat is an app that provides solution to send WhatsApp messages without adding the contact number. This application is free of cost with no hidden fees but receiver should be a registered whatsapp user.

If the receiver’s number is not registered on WhatsApp, an error message will be flashed. Another method of sending whatsapp message is through Whatsapp Web via PC/MAC. Log onto whatsapp web service open whatsapp on your smart phone and go to settings. Once you are logged in through pc or mac you can directly send message without prior saving number. Another way of doing it by typing the desired number hitting the call button but disconnect it in matter of second. Navigate to call logs and look in the recent tab especially the dialled contact. Open the detailed log of the said number there you would be able to see whatsapp icon.

Once you hit that icon you will be redirected to the individual conversation page where you can text without saving his number.