Sony Amazes With its New Sony Vision S Concept Car

Sony Vision S Concept Car

Sony had shocked all the attendees at CES 2020 (It is the International Consumer Electronics Show, which is an annual technology conference for the consumer electronics industry) in Las Vegas, by the introduction of an electric car concept, called the vision-S(sony vision s concept car), it is the driverless sedan which is designed to display the electronic company’s expertise in a range of mobility technologies.

It appears to be under the umbrella of Sony’s new vision-S initiative, which is focused on mobility, the car features 33 sensors ’embedded’ within the car to monitor both inside and out including fusion technology which derives data from different sources to ensure safety, and time-of-flight (ToF) in-cabin sensors that can detect and recognize people and objects inside the car.

Sony Vision S Concept Car

The technology used in the vision-S enables features such as self-parking, advanced cruise control, and ‘auto-lane change functions.’ an ultra-wide monitor can be used for entertainment and information purposes, linked up to the company’s 360 reality audio, which provides immersive audio via speakers built into each seat.

Sony Vision S Concept Car

The vision-S can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in about 4.5 seconds thanks to two 200 kilowatt motors – located at its front and rear – powering the four-seated car, which weighs 5,180 pounds. Sony hasn’t confirmed if it will put the car into production so it remains just a demonstration of its electronic capabilities.

Sony Vision S Concept Car

Sony has also revealed at CES that it was a concept car from Mercedes-Benz, which has teamed up with the creators of science-fiction film avatar to develop the vision AVTR (advanced vehicle transformation). The car has no steering wheel or engine but features movable reptilian ‘scales’, behaving as if a symbiotic organism that reacts to passengers as soon as they board.

Sony Vision S Concept Car

The electric concept car(sony vision s concept car) is the first prototype vehicle under Sony’s mobility efforts called the Vision-S initiative was built to showcase the automotive technologies it developed and can offer to the car lovers. Sony teamed up with a number of companies such as Bosch, Continental, NVIDIA and Qualcomm, to create this prototype sedan.

The Vision-S is loaded with 33 sensors, most likely including autonomous driving, 360 Reality Audio tech, wide-screen displays, and other features. Though the company didn’t reveal much about Vision-S during the event, later hope to get an even closer look at the concept vehicle later this week in Las Vegas.

Kenichiro Yoshida, the Sony Corporation’s president, and CEO emphasized the importance of mobility to the company in a speech he delivered just before the vehicle was unveiled on stage. It was not an exaggeration to say that mobile has been the mega-trend of the last decade but he believes the next mega-trend will be mobility.

He had also claimed that as vehicles are becoming more connected, so this new approach in the coming years will also bring about positive social and environmental impacts.

Sony Vision S Concept Car

“Interior of This Stunning Car”

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