Steve Jobs Made 10 Accurate Predictions About Technology

Steve jobs predictions

Steve Jobs in 1980s and the 1990s made a bunch of accurate predictions of technology.

The predictions made by him about the future of technology came true. Though, two of Steve’s predictions went wrong. But 10 got right and he nailed it.

Steve Jobs in the 1980s and 1990s had made predictions about how technology and the internet would impact daily life. Steve jobs predicted virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri like e-commerce giants like Amazon long before these services existed. The biggest prediction made by Steve jobs was that the web would be everywhere.

The predictions made by Steve jobs are as follows:-

  1. Computers will be used at homes, for fun.

Earlier, computers were primarily used in offices for business computations or education in schools. However, Steve Jobs predicted that “This will change: Computers will be essential in most homes.”

  1. We will be connecting through the computer.

Steve Jobs predicted that computers will be more useful for purposes other than business. It would help in connectivity.

  1. It’s faster to do all kinds of functions, such as cutting & pasting with a mouse.

Thirty-five years after he predicted the mouse is something we take for granted in computer.

  1. There will be web everywhere.

Steve predicted that the web would be received and used by consumers across the globe.

  1. You may not have to manage your storage.

Long before we started storing our photos, videos, and data in Apple’s Cloud or on Google Drive, Steve Jobs emphasized the need to provide customers with ways of dispensing with storage.

  1. Apple’s strategy is to put a great computer in a book.

Computers were big, heavy boxes. Jobs said it would be wonderful to have a little box which you can carry around with you.

7. It will be as if there’s a little person inside the box.

Jobs described computers as ‘agents’, knowing our interests, storing our information and interacting with us. Jobs called “a little friend inside that box”.

  1. People are going to stop visiting the stores to buy stuff.

Jobs said the impact of the web would be felt in commerce. The internet would allow small start-ups to cut down the distribution costs.

  1. People will get more information that they can think of it.

Steve Jobs also said that it seemed we would be juggling more information than we could handle.

  1. “You’d get one of these things when you were 10 years old”.

“You’d get one of these things maybe when you were 10 years old, and somehow you’d turn it on and it would say, you know, ‘Where am I?’ And you’d somehow tell if you were in California.” Jobs said in an Interview with Newsweek’s Access.

Steve Jobs co-founded Apple. He presided over a revolution in micro-computing, as his vision extended to phones, tablets, music distribution, apps, and everything else we’ve come to take for granted in our 21st-century user experience.