amazing facts about technology

Everything we do is guided by technology in some way or the other. Technology is growing at a very fast pace today but it had its share of absurdities in the past. Here are some amazing facts about technology that will blow your mind away. Let’s get started!

  1. CHANGING FONTS CAN HELP SAVE INK: Fonts are created by people to give their texts a unique look. Not all fonts are created equal. Some have a heavier stroke whereas others have a lighter one. Therefore if you use a font with a lighter stroke, the printer will use slightly less ink. However, this is only true for inkjet printers. You will be able to print about 10% more by changing print fonts on inkjet printers.
  2. EMAIL IS OLDER THAN WORLD WIDE WEB: People had been sending e-mails since 1984 which was way before the invention of the internet. In those days. there was something called the Micronet. The computer was connected to a rotary telephone and instead of “www”, people used to remember web pages by numbers. The number for e-mail was 7776.
  3. QWERTY WAS A TRICK TO SLOW DOWN TYPING SPEED: It is believed that placing the keys in an alphabetic manner on the typewriter made some people type too fast which would ultimately jam the typewriter. So, QWERTY format was devised which placed frequently used alphabets at a certain distance. This is a true fact about technology growth but surely it will take some time to digest.
  4. A LARGE MAJORITY OF MONEY IS DIGITAL: The money we all love and want is stored in a digital format. Approximately 92% of the money is stored in hard drives whereas the remaining is circulating as physical cash. This is truly an amazing fact about technology because when you think about it, you realize that a large majority of transactions today take place electronically via net banking, debit and credit cards, payment wallets and so on.
  5. DOMAIN NAMES BECAME CHARGEABLE AFTER 1995: Before 1995, people could keep whatever domain names they wanted. In 1995, a company called Network Solutions somehow got the right to charge people for domain names. Their service was expensive as they charged around $100 for 2 years’ registration. 30% of this amount was given to the National Science Foundation for various purposes. Two years later, the fee was revised and the charge then stood at $70 for 2 years’ registration.
  6. VIRUS BARRAGE: Approximately 6000 new computer viruses are released every month. A large majority of these are harmless but some of them are lethal and can breach the security of companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter easily.
  7. FIRST CAMERA: The camera is an important invention as it allowed keeping memories in the form of pictures. The cameras we use today, are capable of clicking pictures in the blink of an eye. However, clicking pictures with the first camera wasn’t that pleasant. The object had to stay still for about 8 hours for the picture.
  8. GB, TB, and PB: 1 terabyte comprises of 1024 gigabytes, 1 petabyte comprises of 1024 terabytes. 1 Petabyte can store up to 14 years of HD-TV video.
  9. THE FIRST COMPUTER: Today, PCs and laptops have become slim, lightweight, and portable. However, the first computer ever built was 2.5 meters high with a weight of 30,000 kg.
  10. 5 MB HARD DRIVE: Last but not the least amazing facts about the technology is Apple 2 was the first computer ever to make use of a hard drive. The hard drive had 5 MB storage. The largest hard drive today is a 60TB SSD.

These were some amazing facts about technology and how technology has grown over the years. Hope you find them interesting.


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