Technology has really taken our country a step ahead in almost all aspects. How digitization took a quick toll in these years is commendable. One aspect is the technological advancement in mobile phones. It is evident to notice how we have jumped from the button and keypad phones, to partially touch screen phones and now completely touchpad phones in fashion, comprising everything you need, from calling facility obviously, to ordering clothes and food, to booking train, bus or flight tickets, and even to doing all sorts of online payments. What was left till three years back was technologically advanced games, such as Candy Crush, and the new trend PubG. Gaming phones have become a new trend in 2018 when Razer introduced them, but are they really worth buying, or even worth considering to be kept in the market? Gaming phones are a relatively newer concept that existed in the market. The older phones didn’t quite live up to the needs that the new high-end phones are doing to society. Relatively better hardware and best Snapdragon processors with a considerable amount of RAM, good batteries and a large internal space, make their performances at the top of the games. Gaming phones are also designed to have high-quality speakers, high-quality display with faster refresh rate and usually bigger batteries. If you are fond of clear and loud sounds, then you can always prefer buying gaming phones that fit your budget. There are quite a lot of pocket-friendly gaming phones in the market that you can consider, ASUS, Honor, apple, Sony Experia, Samsung Galaxy, to name a few.

On the other hand, whilst gaming phones have great features for viewing media and playing games, the extra costs to add these features are in terms of making sacrifices on other features. These become bulkier and heavier to handle and have poor camera quality as compared to other non-gaming, high-end phones.

However, gaming phones have seen a downfall in the teenagers’ thinking ability because they spend a major part of the day in the games and some of them lead to disastrous results in the psychological order of the kids. For example, the Blue Whale game in the last two years have lead to so many children killing themselves because of the tasks that the game asked them to do. How can merely a game influence someone so much that it forces them to end their lives? Similarly, PubG leads a lot of people getting more aggressive because of the nature of the game. It let people engage in the game for days leaving all other works at stake. Another game that existed two years back was PokemonGo. This game drove the public crazy and people started playing the game even on roads, taking a lot of lives.

Gaming phones are a good facility by technology and by the mobile phone companies, but only till they are being used wisely.