World’s first Artificial Human- “Neon”

world's first artificial human

What next can you expect for the ARTIFICIAL TYPEWRITER? A Samsung-backed star lab is attempting to address this with “NEON”, which is termed as the world’s first “Artificial Intelligence”. As per the invention of Pranav Mistry, the President, and CEO of star labs, “Neon” objects to deliver a deeply individualized experience with an artificial Intelligence,

Just like real human beings, Neon or instead Neons can talk and can empathize.  Star labs emphasize that Neon should not be puzzled with regular bots or commercial AI’s for example, Amazon Alexa, Google assistant which informs users whether the information or play music. Also, Artificial intelligence can well understand Spanish, Hindi and other languages too.

Star labs at the CES 2020, demonstrated 6 avatars of neon based on people’s dissimilar paths of life which include a yoga teacher, K-pop star, a news reporter, a banker and a fashion model among others. These people display their distinctive personalities and present new movements, expressions, and dialogues while Neon avatars might appear like these real people. This is pretty contrasting from the methods used in facial recognition.

Neon operates on a proprietary technology channel, Core R3, wherein R3 denotes Real-time, Reality, and Responsiveness, under the hood.

What inspires it is the rhythmic difficulties of nature and widely trained with how humans behave, look and communicate. A lifelike reality can be created by Core R3 computationally that goes beyond normal recognition to discriminate, says the company in a release.

Additionally, “Core R3 has the ability to connect other value-added and domain-specific services. SPECTRA will still continue to compliment CORE R3 in the stage of development with the spectrum of Emotions, Memory, learning, and intelligence, hence making NEONs completely immersional.”

Unlike Deepfakes, Neon doesn’t exploit an individual video, scene or sequence but forms individual behaviors and interactions in actual-time that might have not occurred before which makes Core R3 as one of a few AIs capable of forming original content or realities.

Later this year, a beta version of Neon with select partners will probably be introduced by Star Labs. A conference “Neon World 2020” will be held by the company to give more information about the new AI.

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