The Year 2019 Ended with Last Solar Eclipse

today eclipse time in india

As the world is ending up with the year 2019, we had a grand farewell of Solar Eclipse on Thursday (26.12.2019), people at various places gathered in parks and observation centers in India to view the annular solar sight which was quite visible in several parts of the country.

The partial phase of the eclipse began at 8 am followed by the annular phase which began at 9 am stayed till 12.29 pm. The complete phase of the Solar Eclipse will end at 1.36 pm. In India, the coverage of Sun by the Moon at the time of the greatest phase of the annular eclipse will be nearly 93 percent.

An annular eclipse occurs when the moon covers the sun`s center, leaving the sun`s outer edges visible only to form a `ring of fire` or annulus around the moon. This kind of eclipse will be visible in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Southern India, and parts of Indonesia. 

The timings of the partial eclipse in different parts of India were as under

Allahabad: 8.19 am
Amritsar: 8.18 am
Bangalore: 8.06 am
Bhubaneswar: 8.19 am
Varanasi: 8.20 am
Delhi: 8.17 am
Mumbai: 8.04 am
Kolkata: 8.27 am
Guwahati: 8.39 am
Chennai: 8.08 am
Ranchi: 8.22 am
Cochin: 8.06 am
Gaya: 8.23 am
Haridwar: 8.21 am
Hyderabad: 8.08 am
Jalandhar: 8.20 am
Chandigarh: 8.21 am
Jammu: 8.20 am
Lucknow: 8.19 am
Mangalore: 8.04 am
Patna: 8.24 am
Puri: 8.19 am
Pune: 8.04 am
Shillong: 8.39 am
Ujjain: 8.09 am

Ministry of Earth Sciences issued last week these tentative timings and the annular phase will be visible in the morning after sunrise from some places but will be very clear in southern part of the country (parts of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu) and at rest of the places of the country partial solar eclipse will be there.

The ministry also laid down some measures for viewing the Solar Eclipse:

  • With the naked eye, the Sun should not be viewed, even for a very short time.
  • This could cause permanent damage to the eyes leading to blindness even when the moon covers most portion of the Sun.
  • One can see Sun by using a proper filter like aluminized mylar, black polymer, welding glass of shade number 14 or a projection of Sun`s image on a whiteboard by a telescope are the two preferred methods.

Again we have the opportunity to view such eclipse on June 21, 2020.

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