Very few people are aware of body facts. Scientists are still amazed by new discoveries in the human body. The human body is very similar to other life forms in the animal kingdom but still very advanced from them. What humans can do with bodies is amazing and other animals might just never be able to replicate them. Here are 25 facts about the human body which will truly amaze you. Let’s get started!


  1. The female egg is the largest cell in the human body whereas the sperm cell is the smallest cell. All other cells except the female egg are microscopic. The female egg is the only cell which is visible to the naked eye.
  2. When a baby is born, the size of its head is exactly 1/4th of its body. At about 25 years of age, the length of the head accounts for 1/8th of the length of the body.
  3. The human body contains 60,000 miles of blood vessels. The equatorial diameter of eath can be covered around 7 times with the blood vessels.
  4. The skin, the nails, the hair of our body repairs themselves in case of damage. The teeth are the only part which cannot repair itself.
  5. The size of the human eyeball never changes whereas ear and nose continue to grow throughout the lifetime.
  6. Our brain and a 10-watt bulb require the same amount of power. The activity inside the brain increases whenever you sleep.
  7. Memory is affected by the position of the body and the surrounding environment as well.
  8. Body hair is totally useless and there is no harm in removing them whereas facial hairs have a specific purpose.
  9. Earwax helps to protect the insides of our ear. However, too much earwax can block hearing capacity.
  10. Women have a better ability than men to recognize smells. Our nose can actually remember 50,000 distinct scents.
  11. The adrenaline rush is a real thing and gives unmatched strength. During adrenaline rush, a human may be able to lift a car which under normal circumstances seems a far-fetched dream.
  12. The construction of all neurons in the brain differs from one another. The construction of neurons affects the speed of information traveling through them. If the construction is complicated, you will retrieve the information wanted after a little while whereas if the construction is simple, you will be able to recall a thing instantaneously.
  13. The number of dreams a person sees is directly proportional to the IQ level and smartness of that person.
  14. Pain receptors on our skin transfer pain signals to the brain. The brain then processes those signals and tells the body to do a certain action which would stop the feeling of pain. The brain doesn’t feel any pain even though it processes pain signals.
  15. The focusing muscles inside the eye contract and expand around 100,000 times every day.
  16. The human body can produce enough heat to boil a gallon of water within 40 minutes.
  17. Humans are neither the fastest nor the strongest animals. However, they can run very long distances with a fair amount of ease. During the Stone Age, human beings used to pursue their prey until it died of exhaustion.
  18. Atom count of an average human body; 7 octillion. Number of stars in the galaxy; only 300 billion.
  19. The stomach lining also blushes when you blush.
  20. While smiling, we make use of 17 facial muscles whereas while frowning, 43 muscles are engaged.
  21. Every decade, the skeleton renews itself.
  22. It may surprise you to know that the strongest muscle in the human body is the tongue whereas the jaw bone is the hardest bone.
  23. The body odor is not because of sweat. When sweat combines with the bacteria present on the skin, the bacteria secrete waste products. The odor is nothing but the smell of waste products of bacteria.
  24. The bellybutton is home to approximately 50,000 bacteria.
  25. Of all animals, only humans are capable of producing emotional tears.


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