Arhaan’s ex-Girlfriend Amrita Dhanoa Arrested in A Sex Racket Raid

amrita dhanoa arrested in a sex racket

Arhaan Khan’s ex-girlfriend Amrita Dhanoa who previously accused him of duping her for money has been arrested on the night of 9th January in case of a sex racket. Amrita, along with another struggling actress named Richa Singh was arrested from a five-star hotel. According to the reports, the police succeeded in rescuing two other women who were forced into the racket by the actress. When Amrita heard the news of the raid, she tried to escape from the hotel but police caught her. When actress amrita dhanoa arrested in a sex racket, a senior police inspector told “An actress and a model were arrested for sending these girls for prostitution. We have rescued two girls and arrested other two people in the case,” 

Amrita Dhanoa arrested in a sex racket: blames Arhaan Khan for the raid.

After multiple failed attempts to extract information on the matter, Amrita finally spoke to the media. She puts the entire blame on the matter on her ex-boyfriend accusing him of framing her. “I have been framed. This raid was planted by somebody and I know it is Arhaan who is getting all this done,” The relation between the two has already been strained when Amrita accused the Bigg Boss 13 contestant of not only cheating her but also faking his identity. She said “Arhaan is a big-time liar. He is faking his identity, his name is actually Mazhar Shaikh”

When questioned about Amrita Dhanoa arrested in a sex racket, she surprisingly denied it saying that it was a normal party and police had some misunderstanding. “It was a normal party we were having. I clarified to them,” 

Moreover, Amrita denied any presence of Richa Singh saying “No, we showed all the proofs to the police and matter is solved now. And who is Richa Singh? There was no Richa Singh, “Police told that Amrita Dhanoa arrested in a sex racket has been charged under sections 370 (3), 34 of the Indian Penal Code and sections 4,5 of Prevention of Immoral Trafficking Act. DCP DS Swami told “Bollywood actress Amrita Dhanoa (32) and model Richa Singh was arrested for allegedly supplying girls for prostitution at plush hotels.”

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