10 Essential Things a Woman Must Have in Her Bag

things a woman must have in her bag

Let’s suppose it’s the initial day of your job or an internship. You probably pick your phone, purse, and wallet and vehicle keys out of the home to carry on the world. You are almost ready for everything and anything the workday has to offer, right? But no, wrong!

A working woman has a bit more to her work bag than meets the eye. Being a woman, you would never go out without carrying your bag, so why to step out without the things a woman must have in her bag? We won’t suggest you have every personal possession you own, such as Mary Poppins or Hermione Granger, a fast survey of your present bag situation will likely leave you less than overwhelmed. So while you are all time ready to be the Olivia Pope of your office place, don’t forget the things a woman must have in her bag


Headphones are your co-partner while traveling. Just get your headphones on and start listening to your favorite music or watching series. Using headphones not only keeps you refreshed but also passes time while traveling.

Phone charger

Do we even need to explain? Everyone knows that there is nothing worse than being 10 percent by the Afternoon. Be sure that your phone doesn’t get ready to clock out earlier than you.

Pen and a notebook

It is in the nature of the quality employees or interns to stay prepared to take any task at any minute’s notice. Occasionally, these to-dos take a long time and absorb a lot of details. Having a pen and a notepad not only reflects your employer that you are on top but also ensures that the work is done correctly.

 ❍ A cute-mini umbrella

It is unfortunately not as cute in real life as getting caught in the rain looks in movies. Of course, nobody likes to carry along a gigantic umbrella when the possibilities of rain are low but are likely to rain when you have a good hair day! Hence, regardless of the expected forecast, a small umbrella is the perfect bottom of the bag requirement to keep you dry.

Feminine articles

Was there a day when you got on your periods and been wrecked with no provisions, then you possibly promised not to let that happen again? Don’t ever let your periods surprise you at the workplace and always have feminine products on hand.

Hair accessories

Hair tools such as bobby pins and hair ties are must to have whether your Pinterest up-do dropping out or you begin having the worst midday hair problems of your life. A beauty tragedy is totally not professional.

Healthy snack

Working with lunch shouldn’t happen frequently, but when it does, it’s good to keep yourself energized with filling snacks in your bag.

Handful Cash

You don’t have to always keep lots of cash, but carrying around INR 1500 in your bag every time assures that you won’t ever get stuck in a tricky situation without a cash buffer. Whether you want to Dutch the bill with the co-workers or your credit card is maxed out, a little cash will always work.

Safety pins

Yes, these can be a lifesaver if you pop up a button or a seam. Additionally, a small of it can pinch-hit for a necklace clasp if yours suddenly breaks.

Chewing gums or breath mints

Another thing to add up in your bag has to be gums or breath mints – mostly for those who have their meals with extra onions and pepper at lunch, or in case you just want to be sure you don’t smell bad when your boss calls you for a meeting (because they are likely to do so at the time of such worst moments). It is totally up to you if you want to carry a small bag, old most like a tote, or a designer bag. It really doesn’t matter how the bag looks like from outside. What is important is that it must be filled with everything you need to win any situation that hits your way throughout the workday.

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