Akshay Kumar’s Oh My God 2 Sent to Censor Board Review Committee to Avoid Controversy


Akshay Kumar’s upcoming film Oh My God 2, a sequel to the 2012 satirical comedy OMG – Oh My God, has been sent to the Censor Board’s review committee for a careful scrutiny of its dialogues and scenes. The move comes in the wake of the recent controversy over the film Adipurush, which faced backlash over its depiction of Hindu mythology and characters.


What is Oh My God 2 about?

Oh My God 2 is a film that deals with the theme of religion, faith and superstition in a humorous and critical way. The film stars Akshay Kumar, Yami Gautam and Pankaj Tripathi in the lead roles. Akshay Kumar plays a character inspired by Lord Shiva, who appears in different avatars to challenge the beliefs and practices of people. Yami Gautam plays a lawyer who fights for justice and truth. Pankaj Tripathi plays a godman who exploits people’s faith for his own benefit.

The film is directed by Amit Rai, who has previously made films like Road to Sangam and Mere Pyare Prime Minister. The film is produced by Ashwin Varde, Akshay Kumar and Vipul Shah. The film is a sequel to OMG – Oh My God, which was based on a Gujarati play called Kanji Viruddh Kanji. The film featured Paresh Rawal as an atheist who sues God after his shop is destroyed by an earthquake. Akshay Kumar played Lord Krishna, who helps him in his quest.


Why has the film been sent to the review committee?

The film has been sent to the review committee of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), which is the apex body for deciding tax rates and rules under the Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime. The review committee is a panel of experts who examine films that are referred to them by the examining committee, which is the first level of certification.

The reason for sending the film to the review committee is to avoid any potential controversy or backlash over its dialogues and scenes that may hurt the sentiments of any community or group. The CBFC does not want to repeat the situation that happened with Adipurush, which faced protests and criticism over its portrayal of Lord Ram, Sita and Ravana.

Adipurush is based on the epic Ramayana, starring Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, Saif Ali Khan and Sunny Singh. The film faced flak over its dialogues, costumes and graphics, which were deemed offensive and inaccurate by some sections of society. The film’s makers had to issue an apology and change some of the dialogues after facing legal notices and online outrage.

The CBFC wants to ensure that Oh My God 2 does not create any such issues and respects the sentiments of all faiths and beliefs. The CBFC will take a decision on the film after the review committee looks over at the dialogues and scenes in the film.


What are the reactions of the makers and actors?

The makers and actors of Oh My God 2 have not commented on the CBFC’s decision yet. However, they have expressed their excitement and confidence about the film in their social media posts. Akshay Kumar shared the teaser of Oh My God 2 on Twitter, saying “Har Har Mahadev! Presenting #OMG2”. Yami Gautam shared her poster from the film, saying “Meet Advocate Janhvi Tiwari…She believes in justice & truth above all! #OMG2”. Pankaj Tripathi also shared his poster from the film, saying “Meet Baba Nirala…He believes in faith & power above all! #OMG2”.

The teaser and posters of Oh My God 2 have received positive responses from fans and celebrities alike. Many have praised Akshay Kumar’s look and performance as Lord Shiva. Some have also expressed their curiosity and eagerness to watch the film.