Bigg Boss 13 – If I Get Know You Haven’t Broken Up With Girl Then I Will Kick Your A**, Salman Warns Asim

salman warns asim

After fans missed a chance to watch Salman Khan on Saturday night in Bigg Boss 13 episode, the Sunday episode was full of thrill and adventure.

In a promo video of Bigg Boss 13 that leaked online, Salman slammed Himanshi for revealing the outside news to contestants when she was asked not to do so. By saying so, Salman dropped a hint that he has been talking about Himanshi’s conversation about Rashmi Desai and Arhaan Khan. Adding fuel to fire, Salman played the clip of conversation revealing Himanshi’s true colors to the housemates. Reacting to the clip, Devoleena said “Maine pehle bola hai usse marriage wali baat pata thi bacche wali nahi. Rashami ko, in fact marriage wali baat bhi nahi pata thi (I earlier told you that Rashami knew of the marriage but not the child. Reality is that she didn’t even know about the marriage).

A video of Bigg Boss 13, released on its official handle, captured Rashmi yelling that she had no clue of Arhaan’s marriage or child until Salman told her. She told Himanshi “Why should he air his grievances when I am on the show? Himanshi, just go and tell him that I do not want to be involved in all this anymore

Himanshi revealed Arhaan’s message to Vishal and Asim saying “Arhaan has sent a message. He asked me to tell Asim that he was true in his friendship. He wanted her to be reminded that Sidharth tore my shirt. I was not wrong in several things and she could have clarified things. If I was insulted on national television, this is where I should clarify as well. Why was I fighting Sidharth if she had to befriend him as soon as I came out of the house?

Another promotional video of Bigg Boss 13 shows Salman Khan talking about Asim Riaz ex girlfriend telling him “Mujhe ye samajh nahi aa raha hai ki ek ladki bhao nahi de rahi hai aur tum peeche hi pade ho? You are looking like a bloody fool dude!” As the video clip is from the middle of the conversation, it is difficult to interpret the exact conversation. However, Salman is heard saying “You are irritating! Pehle confess kar lo fir idhar ana. You have not broken up, have you?

Fans have been disappointed that Salman has brought up a personal issue of Asim Riaz ex-girlfriend on national television and slamming him by saying “But if I come to know that you have not broken up, I will come in and kick your a**” , reports say that Salman did this to stay neutral to Himanshi and Asim.

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