BTS’ Suga’s Touching Farewell: Suga leaves fans emotional with last live before joining military

BTS Suga

As September 22, 2023, approaches, the global BTS Army is preparing to bid farewell to one of its beloved members, Suga, as he embarks on his mandatory military service. Before stepping into this new chapter of his life, Suga took the time to interact with fans through the online fan community Weverse. In a heartfelt live session, he shared his thoughts, plans, and emotions, leaving fans with a promise to return in 2025. This blog delves into this special moment in Suga’s journey and provides insight into what fans can expect during his absence.

Suga’s Online Interaction:

On a poignant day leading up to his enlistment, Suga turned to Weverse, the cherished platform for BTS and their fans, to connect one last time before his military service. According to his agency, he is set to begin his service on September 22, marking a significant milestone in his life.

Suga shared not only his plans but also words of reassurance and affection for the BTS Army. He made it clear that he is determined to return to the stage and asked fans to patiently wait for his comeback in 2025.

BTS Suga

Heartwarming Surprises:

During the live session, fans were treated to heartwarming surprises when BTS members J-Hope and Jin, who are currently fulfilling their own military service duties, made appearances in the comment section. Their unexpected support and camaraderie touched the hearts of fans worldwide, emphasizing the unbreakable bond within the BTS family.

Suga’s New Look:

In the live session, Suga appeared casually dressed in a white t-shirt and a checkered shirt, looking relaxed and ready for the next chapter in his life. Notably, he showcased a new hairstyle, marking a departure from his signature look. While military regulations typically require soldiers to have buzzcuts, Suga opted for a shorter haircut that surprised and delighted fans. He playfully remarked, “My hair is very short, right? I can’t get used to it too. The staff could not recognize me.”

Mysterious Absence:

Suga had remained relatively low-profile in the days leading up to his military enlistment. After wrapping up his successful Agust D tour in Seoul, fans had been wondering about his whereabouts. In his live session, Suga addressed this curiosity, revealing that he had been spending quality time with his fellow BTS members and family, creating cherished memories before embarking on his military service.

BTS Suga


As Suga prepares to embark on his mandatory military service on September 22, 2023, the BTS Army stands united in support of their beloved artist. Suga’s online interaction with fans provided a heartfelt farewell, assuring fans of his return in 2025. The surprise appearances of J-Hope and Jin further solidified the bond within BTS, emphasizing that they are, and will always be, a family. While Suga’s absence is felt deeply by fans, his dedication and love for the Army shine brightly, leaving no doubt that he will return stronger than ever to continue making music and unforgettable memories with BTS.