PM Modi to Inaugurate Yashobhoomi Convention Centre Today – Here’s Your Insider’s Guide!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

On a momentous day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the Yashobhoomi Convention Centre, a colossal undertaking that stands as a testament to India’s commitment to world-class infrastructure development. The grand inauguration event also saw the extension of the Delhi Airport Metro Express line, marking a significant leap in the country’s transportation network. This blog delves into the details of the Yashobhoomi Convention Centre and the extended Delhi Airport Metro Express line, highlighting their architectural marvels, key features, and implications for India’s growth story.

Yashobhoomi Convention Centre: A Jewel in the Crown of Conventions

The Yashobhoomi Convention Centre, developed at a staggering cost of approximately Rs 5,400 crore, is a colossal marvel that sprawls over a project area exceeding 8.9 lakh square meters. It promises to be a game-changer in the world of meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions (MICE) facilities. Here are some key highlights of this magnificent structure:

Yashobhoomi Convention Centre

Staggering Built-Up Area: The convention centre boasts a total built-up area of more than 1.8 lakh square meters, making it one of the largest of its kind globally.

MICE Facility Par Excellence: It is all set to join the ranks of the world’s largest MICE facilities, spanning more than 73 thousand square meters of space.

A Multitude of Convention Rooms: The centre comprises an impressive array of 15 convention rooms, including a main auditorium and a grand ballroom.

Plenary Hall: The plenary hall stands out with its remarkable seating capacity of approximately 6,000 guests, making it ideal for hosting grand events and conferences.

Grand Ballroom: Another highlight is the grand ballroom, which can accommodate around 2,500 guests, with an extended open area capable of seating up to 500 people.

Spacious Exhibition Halls: The Yashobhoomi Convention Centre boasts one of the largest exhibition halls in the world, spread across more than 1.07 lakh square meters. This space is tailor-made for hosting exhibitions, trade fairs, and business events.

Eco-Friendly Initiatives: Emphasizing sustainability, the convention centre features a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment system that guarantees 100 percent wastewater reuse and incorporates rainwater harvesting.

Ample Parking Space: To address the challenge of parking, the complex includes an underground car parking facility with a capacity of more than 3,000 cars, accompanied by over 100 electric charging points.

The Extended Delhi Airport Metro Express Line: Faster and More Efficient Connectivity

In tandem with the inauguration of the Yashobhoomi Convention Centre, the Prime Minister also unveiled an extension of the Delhi Airport Metro Express line, connecting Dwarka Sector 21 to the new metro station, Yashobhoomi Dwarka Sector 25. This extension brings about a transformation in Delhi’s transportation network:

Yashobhoomi Convention Centre

Enhanced Speed: With the extension, Delhi Metro will increase the operational speed of trains on the Airport Express Line from 90 to 120 km/hour. This improvement ensures quicker and more efficient commutes, reducing the travel time from New Delhi to Yashobhoomi Dwarka Sector 25 to approximately 21 minutes.

Improved Connectivity: The extended metro line creates a seamless link between the heart of the city and the Yashobhoomi Convention Centre, promoting accessibility for commuters and visitors alike.


The inauguration of the Yashobhoomi Convention Centre and the extended Delhi Airport Metro Express line is a monumental milestone in India’s journey towards world-class infrastructure and connectivity. It not only establishes India as a global hub for conventions and exhibitions but also significantly improves the ease of travel for millions. These developments not only signify progress but also showcase the nation’s commitment to a sustainable and prosperous future. As we witness the unveiling of these marvels, it becomes evident that India is marching forward with determination and vision, embracing the possibilities of tomorrow.