Celebrities with Fake Followers, Deepika and Priyanka Exposed!

fake followers

Bollywood Updates: The matter of the existence of fake followers on Instagram came up when the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP) in London put several accounts under the radar. And guess what? The reports exposed some of the greatest names. The fact that the social media site where millions of accounts are held private by the users, the number of followers may indicate the popularity of celebrities. But these high numbers may not indicate reality.

As technology has developed, these social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have allowed celebrities, who are otherwise inaccessible, to come closer to the general public and receive millions of fans. However, the reports have now concluded that some of the celebrities with the highest number of followers have more than half ‘bots’.

ICMP stated “We took various ‘most successful’ and ‘most followed’ to build our list of celebrities across acting, sports, music and TV personalities. We then filtered this b the number of followers to give ourselves a top 100 most followed list. We then ran their Instagram and Twitter handles through IG  Audit and Sparktoro’s fake Twitter follower’s tool to measure what percentage of their following was actually real.”

Who are These Celebrities?

Celebrities all over the world who enjoy a massive fan following have now been exposed. The list is topped by none other than the talk show host- Ellen DeGeneres possessing 58 percent fake followers followed by boy-band BTS. The platform, Instagram, which has turned into a market place for brand promotions and a source of reaching a wider audience has got its fake stardom revealed.

Congratulations to Kourtney Kardashian and Taylor Swift for securing the position of second runner-ups. But here is the big news: Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone made it to the top 10 list!

Securing the sixth place with 48 percent fake followers Deepika’s days seem to end now. Apart from the gorgeous actress, there is another Indian in the top 10 list. Miss World 2000- Priyanka Chopra Jonas, secured the 10th position with Virat Kohli (23rd) in the list.

Is It a Business?

The Facebook-owned Instagram is a photo-messaging app that emerges out to be a great influencer in the market and continues to grow further. With its increasing popularity, many celebrities collaborate with sponsors for brand recommendation and charge a high amount for each post. The app surpasses all social media platforms to become the greatest influencer of 2019 with the highest charges for paid posts to date. While Priyanka Jonas charges $271,000 per post, ViratKohli lacks nowhere with $196,000 for a single advertisement.

Yes, of course, it’s a business. But who are the creators of these fake accounts is yet to be revealed.