Complete Review of Khandani Shafakhana

Review of Khandani Shafakhana

The trailer of Sonakshi Sinha’s latest movie titled “Khandani Shafakana,” or family sex clinic stole my attention when I first saw it watched it somewhere. Though I could not actually predict the movie’s success, I got a curiosity to watch it once. You too must have felt the same emotion as it is the first time when a woman protagonist has been seen taking about sex-related topics in Bollywood. That’s the reason I prepared this review of Khandani Shafakhana, so that you can decide whether to watch the film or not.

It is not long since filmmakers have started to make light comedy films on topics that were earlier considered as taboos. Though the seeds were sown by Karan Johar in Dostana, but other filmmakers realized their power of influence. They started making films to educate people about these social issues through comedy and that’s when we got movies like Vicky Donor, Shubh Mangal Sawdhan, Badhai Ho. But, the director Shilpy Dasgupta has initiated something we could only think of. She has made a comedy film on sex education with an actress, and not a male actor. Hats off to her. Let us not digress anymore and return to the review of Khandani Shafakhana.

Cast and crew

Director – Shilpy Dasgupta

Actors– Sonakshi Sinha, Varun Sharma, Annu Kapoor, Khulbhushan Kharbanda, Badshah,


It is the story of a girl who from her childhood has been outspoken. Later after a leap, we see her as an unsuccessful medical representative taking care of her family as her brother is useless when it comes to work. So, the story moves forward as she inherits her uncle Tarachand’s sex clinic which she wants to sell. But, according to the will, her uncle wants the girl (sonakshi) not her brother (varun) to run the clinic for at least six months. Though she is least interested as it is a middle class and primitive society which does not acknowledge sex and related problems as natural, and a girl taking about them made all of them including her mother to frown at her.

Baby, due to her family circumstances has no option but to restart the clinic. It is after she meet the clients and listened to their issues she realized the double standards and hypocrisy of people who critique at, but at the same time need her help.


Sonakshi has made all the necessary efforts, and has played her part really well. Just like her character she was initially hesitant to do the film but alone took the responsibility of the entire film. Varun, has played the same role we have been seeing him doing in all his movies and there is nothing new. Annu Kapoor and khulbhushan Kharbanda, being the legendary actors have done justice to their roles and we can’t imagine anyone playing their characters. The surprise element in the movie is the role of Badshah, who added some flavor and spice as he represented the younger generation and typical masculine figure who is in dire need of help in order to retain his authority due to patriarchal pressures.


In the review of Khandani Shafakhana, I would also like to include a section for music because I must say only remakes have worked well when we talk about the film. There is not even a single original song I can remember from the movie apart from the KOKA and Shehar ki Ladki.

Overall review of Khandani Shafakhana

The story and acting of all the major character is great, but when it comes to entertainment, which is the major intention of any film, as Vidhya Balan says, the film lacked something. It started off as comedy and later missed the fun. The scenes of Badshah, have kept the audience together, but it could be a great film if there were some more elements of humor. The overall film is nice and it is good for those who are in the major theme, as the clinic does not treat physical issues but mental ones. You can watch as it if you are a fan of Sonakshi, Badshah and like the same old character of Varun Sharma.