Happy Independence Day: SRK Shot a Video to Tribute Pulwama Martyrs

Tribute Pulwama Martyrs

TuDeshMera’ – Tereliyejiyenmarein, vaade Jo tujhsekiyepoore sab karein. Deshke rang meinrangahua, kehtahai ye lahumera, aanchbhiaayetirangeko to behjaaunkatra-katra. Tudeshmera, main hutera – Shah Rukh’s lines in the song (Tribute Pulwama Martyrs).

Bollywood actors always remain in headlines due to their controversies and other activities. But some of them very well understand their responsibility of being the influencers of society. Today’s article honors the Bollywood superstars Amitabh Bachchan, Amir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Ranbir Kapoor, Kartik Aryan, and Happy Productions who has prepared a song titled TuDeshMera to tribute Pulwama Martyrs.

We have heard of many nationalist songs, but this one will make a special space in our hearts because the song, “TU DESH MERA”, not only celebrates the feeling of nationalism, but it is a tribute to Pulwama Martyrs who lost their lives in Kashmir on 14 August attack.

Bollywood and CRPF Joined Hand for a Tribute Pulwama Martyrs

The Central Reserved Police Force (CRPF) has dedicated this song to all the 40 soldiers who were traveling on the bus. The song TuDeshMera is also prepared to respect their families who could not even recognize their dead bodies.

It had been more than 70 years since we got independence, and one of the major specialties of our nation is, “unity in diversity”, and that is the central idea behind the video. The Four-minute video portrays the unity, and this is what the official spokesperson of CRPS says about the video. He said that the initiative is taken to remind our youth and the entire world that the whole nation is one, and no differences can separate us. He also told that the Happy Production came up with the idea, and the CRPF acknowledges their hard work and execution (Tribute Pulwama Martyrs).

“This tribute to our heroes and martyrs reaffirms our faith that the whole nation stands in solidarity with us. The overwhelming participation of celebrities for the cause is commendable and heartening. The initiative of Happy Productions in bringing up the idea and its resolute execution deserves all the praise. Our ability to stand united gives us a formidable strength to face challenges and makes our nation great.” Moses Dhinakaran (DIG of CRPF)


The superstars like Amitabh Bachchan, Amir Khan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan had already completed their shoot for the same video, but the presence of Shah Rukh has augmented the emotions it will portray. The video is four minutes long and captures 14 Bollywood actors and actresses. The soulful singer Jawed Aali has sung the song along with JubinNautiyal, Kabir Singh and Shabab Ali but we would also get to hear some actors including Shah Rukh to speak some lines for the same. CRPF was very happily invited to these stars at their camps for shooting, and the location is major CRPF Camps including Sri Nagar and Gulmarg.

Happy Production has thanked Shah Rukh Khan for being a part of the tribute, and the actor too expressed his gratitude towards them as they approached him for the same. One of the team members said, “To say that we were excited by the prospect of Shah Rukh Khan joining us for the video is an understatement. He was traveling that week and was quite busy. We are grateful that he took out the time to shoot for the video. We shot Shah Rukh’s part of the video at the Mehboob Studios in Mumbai after midnight.”

The final version of the song has not been finalized yet, but the makers have declared to release the trailer on 15 August. Initially, they were planning the release it on July 24, which is celebrated is CRPF Day, but could not complete it before. The final release date is still a mystery, but we are eagerly waiting for the teaser.