Love Aaj Kal Movie Reviews: Why Viewers Not Satisfied with Sara-Kartik “Love Aaj Kal”

love aaj kal reviews

Sara Ali Khan and Kartik Aaryan latest movie Love AajKal has finally hit the screen on Valentine’s day. The first thing to be thought of is what led the director to remake a decade old film? Was it a wish to bring back the old story with modern characters or was it Sara Ali’s wish to date Kartik Aaryan which brought them together on screen?

Irrespective of all this, Imtiaz Ali’s reboot of a 10 year old film brings back the world of messed relationships, complex situations and disfunctional people who fail to weave it all together. 

A visibly off Veer aka Kartik Aaryan meets career oriented Zoe at a bar and both end up in a bedroom. However, Veer stops midway thinking they should be more serious before making love. Zoe, who has a five year long plan for her own event management company, decides to enter a serious relationship only after attaining success. The turn of events makes Veer a stalker landing into Zoe’s office. Not being a good planner, Veer keeps on dropping Zoe to her meeting locations and eventually Zoe falls for him. A series of conflicts with their inner selves adds lots of twists and turns to the story. 

However, Love Aajkal movie reviews might not be as positive. Though it is commonly thought that complex love stories are most likely to be hit, but it is not the case. Either the characters can be complex or the story. But dealing with both of them together might end up in a mess. According to the latest bollywood updates, something similar has happened with Love AajKal. While both the leads put their best foot forward as Veer and Zoe, the immensely complex love story and screenplay makes it tedious. Also, the time span of the movie will make audience yawn at multiple scenes.

Here are some Love AajKal reviews by the critics:



“Its a serious movie.. All the actors have acted quite well. Kartik played a different genre altogether. Sara also did a good job. Arushi was good. Randeep was marvellous as always. Overall a good movie with good songs, a very co-relatable factor which might etch in audiences heart.. It is a classy movie. Not a massy movie which would be understandable. Imtiazali an all time favourite has made an art commercialized love story. As people have got so accustomed in seeing kartik in romcom genre that to understand the method acting which he did in the movie with those expressions and emotions are enigmatic. Seriously its true imtiazali can really highlight and bring out the skills in every actor”



“Well firstly a big Thank You to Imtiaz Ali for introducing characters which are completely relatable and not idealistic. Relationships are never perfect and if there are then something is definitely wrong. The movie has Raghu, Zoe, Veer and Leena as their main characters. None of these characters are perfect. Yet again Imtiaz Ali has managed to impress us and reach to us. Zoe who is always confused and constantly tries to seek a balance between personal life and professional which I think is completely relatable in today’s time. The constant dilemma you face everyday in a relationship. “

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