Happiest Reunion : NASA Astronaut Meets Her Dog After 328 Days In Space

Christina Koch

Latest News Update of Space

NASA astronaut Christina Koch, after the record-breaking stay at the International Space Station – 328 days, is the longest single spaceflight by a woman returned to Earth this week (2nd week of February) after spending nearly 11 months in space.  

As per ABC NEWS – As soon as Ms Koch returned to her Texas home her dog joy knew no bounds for their reunion after a very long time.

She posted a video to Twitter on Thursday (13.02.2020) in which she has captured their joyous reunion.

In the delightful video, her dog LBD, which stands for Little Brown Dog, is seen eagerly waiting for her. She paws at the door and wags her tail vigorously as Christina Koch and her husband reached home. When they had opened the door, LBD hopped around them excitedly, too happy to stay still except for the few seconds when she stops to lick her owner’s face.

Koch and Dog both were found to be enjoying together their reunion and Koch was glad to know that she remembered her even after a year!” said by the Koch, 41-year-old NASA astronaut while sharing the video. The video had gone viral with a whopping 2.2 million views in a day. This video was heart touching and had also collected thousands of reactions, including one from NASA.

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