OMG: Bigg Boss 13 Contestant Asim Riaz Getting Support from WWE Champion John Cena

john cena support asim riaz

WWE champion John Cena send his fans into a mania after he used his Instagram account to support Bigg Boss 13 contestant AsimRiaz. Seeing the wrestler sharing Asim’s picture, one of the fans wrote, “Only a winner in life can identify the true winner! #AsimRiaz is the clear winner by popularity votes endurance everything! Not bhalu

Another fan praised Asim saying “Gosh!!! Agree or not, @asimriazka level itna high haiki 100 BB seasons ke contestants won’t be able to match! Aisikuchtohbaathaibandemein. Haters would now probably say memes and all but we all know #jealousness #hatersgonnahate #haterskijali”. People think that Siddharth Shukla fans must be jealous that international wrestler John Cena favours Asim. Others could not believe that John Cena is a Bigg Boss fan saying “Yehkabhuabey 😐 yehbhidekhtahaibigboss,

Asim’s team, which has been handling his Instagram account since the contestants are not allowed to take phone in Bigg Boss house, wrote : “Thanku @johncena for posting the pic on urig , it means a lot coming this from a legend like you. Its a dream come true! Always watched you growing up and admired your wrestling and acting. A day to remember.

It looks like AsimRiaz’s personal life controversy has reached international levels. He has been lately famous for his love life inside and outside the game. While Asim has verbally expressed his feelings for co- contestant HimanshiKhurana, there have been speculations that Asim is already in a relationship with model Shruti  Tuli. Emphasizing his feelings for Himanshi, Asim confessed the truth on sets of Bigg Boss 13 saying “What I am clear is I love Himanshi and I am with her.” On the other hand, Himanshi says that her feelings for Asim have always been more than friendship but claims that the two have never dated each other. Himanshi’s views on Asim and Shruti tell a different story. According to Himanshi, Asim and Shruti were in a relationship in past but broke up later.

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