Discussions Are the Need of an Hour Seen In Railway Minister Piyush Goyal: Running to Reach On Time In Lok Sabha

Railway Minister Piyush Goyal

There are some people who understand the importance of work and also want to do a lot for society, people and communities. They are in true sense patriots. They can do anything for the country’s development. The live example of one of these kinds of people is Railway Minister Piyush Goyal.

The Parliament Winter Session is in process for setting up some important rules and regulations to get implemented in the society or the question hour session, for certain important questions to be answered for the welfare of people. The bills to get implemented in the society first has to be passed in the Lok Sabha and then in Rajya Sabha then after it becomes ready for the people to work on those guidelines.

Recently on 05.12.2019, photos of Union Minister Piyush Goyal rushing to Lok Sabha to attend the proceedings have gone viral.

The photos showed Piyush Goyal running towards the building after getting out of his car. He was aiming for not to miss the Question Hour in the Parliament. His photos running into the building, file in his hand, quickly spread like a wildfire on social media.

As per the reports, he was apparently in a hurry because he was in a cabinet meeting in the morning prior to this discussion and as soon as the cabinet meeting got over, he rushed immediately in the parliament to be on time to answer questions.

This gave Piyush Goyal full marks for his punctuality and dedication!

Piyush Goyal is the Union Minister for Commerce and Railways and had to answer questions about ‘Decline in FDI inflow’ and ‘Railways projects’ raised during Question Hour in the Lok Sabha.

He answered the queries, that they had larger amounts of ventures coming in with FDI and they had seen almost 50% increases in FDI in the last 5 years, compared to the previous five years. This will result in more economic activity and will provide work for people both directly and indirectly.

Railways are the platform for public utility and we try to hold back from any significant increase in passenger fares, which will also result in a huge cross-subsidy where the fares do not recover over 43% of the cost that is earned in providing passenger services.

♦ As soon as the pictures went viral on social media, people started praising him for his dedication. 

These pictures were given more preference as this incident got highlighted when Prime Minister Narendra Modi had been unhappy with the low attendance and absenteeism evident in the Question Hour in Parliament.

PM Modi in the past had pointed out the absent ministers in both Houses of Parliament. And this photo of Piyush Goyal went viral first on Twitter, several people commented by praising him for taking his job seriously. While some people pointed out that there was nothing strange about this since reaching on time during Question Hour is his job, a few of them said that no one has ever seen a Cabinet minister running before! like this!

One of the Twitter users posted the picture of Piyush Goyal and captioned it: @PiyushGoyal Ji running to attend question hour on time after the cabinet meeting.” The post got 265 retweets and 998 likes. One more user replied: “Modi leadership…All dedicated servants only. No space for power- and status-seeking greedy politicians”. Another post read: “Dedication! A great leader, Sir.”

“Work Is Worship, an Example Set By Piyush Goyal”

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