Rajinikanth Shooting with Bear Grylls for Man Vs Wild

rajinikanth in man vs wild

Fans got quite worried as the news of Rajinikanth injured while shooting for Man Vs Wild spread across social media. However, the actor suffered no major injuries according to the reports. “It is all false. As per the screenplay, there was a shot in which Rajinikanth had to fall, so while getting down from the rope, he just fell down and everybody rushed. It was all in the screenplay,” said the reserve’s director and conservator of forests T. Balachandra. He also told IANS that Rajinikanth later got up and completed the shoot and left for Chennai. 

Rajinikanth also told media that shooting caused only minor scratches. He said “I have completed the shooting of an episode of Man vs Wild. I did not suffer any major injury but just scratches due to little thorns, that’s it. I am alright.” A forest official informed about the incident in detail saying “Rajinikanth lost his balance, twisted his ankle and suffered minor bruises to his hand below the elbow. The actor is okay now.”

A viral video that shows Rajinikanth walking towards the airport in Mysuru shows him in a fine physical state. Referring to the video, Balachandra said “He was fine. That shot was from Mysuru airport.” He also dismissed the news of injury calling it fake. 

As Rajinikanth with Bear Grylls, visited Karnataka’s Bandipur Tiger Reserve to shoot for an episode of ‘Into the Wild’, the authorities gave permission to the channel to shoot for few hours. Balachandra said, “We gave permission for 6-8 hours to Discovery Channel to shoot in Bandipur Tiger Reserve”.

“They paid as per the norms. Per day they have to pay the documentary fee, vehicle fee, and others. For four days, they paid Rs 10 lakh” added Balachandra. 

State’s chief wildlife warden Sanjay Mohan told media that the place is famous for shooting several documentaries. He said “Lot of documentaries were shot in Bandipur. I have urged Discovery Channel that they must show the efforts being made by the Karnataka forest department day and night in saving the forest wildlife,”

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