Apple Home Pod Smart Speaker Set to Launch in India For Rs 19,900

apple homepod in india

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Apple smart HomePod speaker will be available in India for only Rs 19,900, which is actually available in US at the cost of $299, which is available at the low cost in India.


Apple HomePod in india

Apple HomePod was initially launched in the US, the UK and Australia in January 2019 at the cost of US$349 (roughly Rs 24,860) and then went on sale in several countries before reaching to India. Now it is available in India. Though, the sale date is yet to be revealed by the company. The device Apple Homepod has support for Indian English Siri voices that adapts to its location and delivers high recording audio wherever it’s playing. The users will have the default access to Apple Music and over 60 million songs.


Apple HomePod Features

apple homepod in india

Apple HomePod is of very high quality in which it has the combination of custom Apple-engineered audio technology and advanced software to deliver precision sound which fills the room with pleasing voice. It is less than 18 centimetres tall, HomePod can be fitted anywhere in the home. The high-excursion woofer is located at the top of the Apple-designed speaker facing upwards, creating a wide range of deep bass sound which is far better than any other traditional speaker.

An Apple-designed A8 chip orchestrates all the audio innovations inside HomePod. HomePod is available in two colours white and space grey colours.

A six-microphone array, along with an internal bass-EQ microphone, analyses and compensates for the effect of the room on the bass response, providing rich, consistent sound. Installation of the HomePod is quick and easy. One has to just plug it in and the iOS or iPadOS device will detect it automatically. Equipped with spatial awareness, HomePod automatically tunes itself to give the optimal sound. One can also pair it with a second HomePod to create an unmatched stereo experience. And bring multi-room audio for the entire home with AirPlay.

When one adds HomePod to multiple rooms, the speakers can communicate with each other through AirPlay. So one can ask Siri to play jazz in the living room and the Moana soundtrack in the kids’ room a” or to play the same song everywhere in the house. These are certain good features in this Apple HomePod.

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