Steven Spielberg’s Daughter Mikaela Announces Her Career as an Adult Entertainer

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The renowned film maker Steven Spielberg’s daughter Mikaela Spielberg is building her own path. Steven Spielberg’s adopted daughter, Mikaela, in a tell-all interview is opening up about her surprising new career as a porn star, revealing what inspired her to become an adult entertainer and more.

The 23-year-old Mikaela Spielberg was adopted by the renowned film director and his wife, Kate Capshaw, as a child conventional work wasn’t of her taste, so she decided to pursue something that she felt obsessive about.

Mikaela Spielberg

While talking to The Sun, Mikaela revealed that she has started making self-producing “solo” X-rated videos and is hoping to secure a job as an exotic dancer when she acquires her sex worker license. On asking about the parents’ reaction on her decision, she said that recently she had opened the news to them and claimed that they were supportive. She had also said that her parents priority has always been her safety.  

She has also said that she has adopted this platform not to hurt anyone rather or be unkind about it, only doing this because she wanted to honour her body in a way that’s well-paid.

Film maker Steven Spielberg’s daughter admitted that she has always been a “very sexually natured person,” and is now focusing on that part of herself. She does not want to stay dependent on her parents not because of there’s anything wrong in it, but she doesn’t feel comfortable. She also claimed that, it is not the one of dirty choice but it is a positive, powerful choice.

Mikaela also added that she will go ahead by the name Sugar Star. She had realized that there is no shame in having an attraction with this industry and wanting to do something that is safe, sensible and consensual.

Mikaela is currently engaged to a 47-year-old Chuck Pankow, so, she has some restrictions upon herself, when she is moving on the platform which she has created for herself. She won’t be having sex with anyone else on camera out of respect for her future husband. The reason she doesn’t want to cross her solo boundaries is because of her true relationship with her future husband.

Film maker Steven Spielberg’s daughter also said that her new porn career has really boosted her confidence. She said honestly speaking she hated her chest for so long but now finally learned to cuddle it. She had realized after putting few videos that her large chest is the money maker.

Mikaela had also revealed her past experiences and said the way she became stronger, previously she had struggled with anorexia, borderline personality disorder and alcoholism. Anyways it is not her parents fault as she had never shared with them.

In the end she had appreciated her famous father and said he always loved me being super unique and he’s factually like an angel. He is supportive and always stands by my decisions.

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