Foodporn: Here Are Some Complicated Named Food Dishes We Pronounce All Wrong

complicated named food dishes

❍ Food with Complicated Names

Often we visit at a nice restaurant and also know exactly what we want, but we try not to speak in the beginning and wait for the server to come and ask first as we are not sure of the pronunciation of the dish. When the server approaches us we have only two options, either laugh your way through your attempt at saying it out loud, or you end up helplessly pointing to the food item to avoid any more embarrassment. There are some food names generally people end up pronouncing it all wrong.

But, now things have become quite easy due to internet as pone can google the name of the food or the dish, and find out the proper way to say it out loud. One should practice a few times at home when one is alone, and then thank self for the good job done.

Below is a list of some of the most commonly wrong pronounced words with the way you should actually be saying them. The simplest way to impress your friends and anyone you’re eating with is by knowing how to pronounce the food properly

❍ Some Complicated Named Food

Weird Food Name 1 Bruschetta


One probably says: Broo-sheh-tuh

One should say: Broo-SKET-tuh

Weird Food Name 2 Sriracha


One probably says: Sree-rah-cha

One should say: SEE-rah-cha

Weird Food Name 3 Açai


One probably sayss: Ah-kai

One should say: Ah-SIGH-ee

Weird Food Name 4 Espresso


One probably says: Ex-press-oh
One should say: ESS-press-oh

Weird Food Name 5 Turmeric


One probably says: Too-mer-rick
One should say: Tur-mer-ick

Weird Food Name 6 Dulce de leche

Dulce de leche

One probably says: Dul-CHE de -le-CHE
One should say: Dul-say de leh-chay

Weird Food Name 7 Gnocchi


One probably says: No-key
One should say: NYOH-key

Weird Food Name 8 Sherbet


One probably says: Sher-bert
One should say: Sher-BIT

Weird Food Name 9 Caramel


One probably says: Car-mel
One should say: Kar-ah-mhl

Weird Food Name 10 Focaccia


One probably says: Fo-ca-see-ya
One should say: Foh-kah-chuh

Weird Food Name 11 Edamame


One probably says: Ed-uh-mame
One should say: Eh-dah-MAH-meh

Weird Food Name 12 Charcuterie


One probably says: shar-choo-tuh-ree
One should say: shahr-KOO-tuh-ree.

Weird Food Name 13 Manchego


One probably says: Mahn-CHE-go
One should say: Mahn-chay-go

Weird Food Name 14 Poke


One probably says: po-kee
One should say: po-kay

Weird Food Name 15 Endive


One probably says: En-dive
One should say: On-DEEV

Weird Food Name 16 Maraschino Cherry

Maraschino Cherry

One probably says: Mare-uh-sheeno
One should say: Mare-uh-SKEENO

Weird Food Name 17 Gyro


One probably says: Jy-roe
One should say say: YEE-roe

Weird Food Name 18 Jicama


One probably says: Hick-uh-muh
One should say: He-ka-ma

Weird Food Name 19 Crudités


One probably says: Croo-dites
One should say: Croo-de-tay

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