A Boring Workout Routine Can Be Replaced By Some Fun Dance Forms

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If going to the gym seems like a boring task to you, then opting for some fun dance of exercises instead of a boring gym can a good option for you, there are many dance forms that can help in reducing weight.

It is very true to say that dance can easily replace the monotonous and boring workout routines. It is a form of exercise for weight loss and physical fitness. It is also found that an hour of dancing is said to burn 400 calories, which is the same as swimming or riding a bicycle. In addition to the calories burning it also benefits in lowering the cholesterol levels, slower heart rate, lower blood pressure, burn fat, all signs of effective and healthy weight loss.

For the above reasons, dance workouts are becoming increasingly popular these days. There are many dance forms which can help in reducing weight. Regular exercises might become boring and monotonous and hence dancing appears as a pleasing and fun option. However, you have to choose the right type of dance depending upon your body structure, age, strength, and stamina. Some dance forms are more strenuous than others and one has to be careful in choosing the right one to get maximum results.

1.Replace Boring Workout Routine with Zumba

This is becoming very popular and a lot of gyms these days are offering Zumba classes to all the clients. Zumba is a great dance form where one needs to put in a lot of energy.

It involves a lot of body movements that make one’s whole body move. Other than weight loss, this dance form helps one to improve their breathing rate and cure heart-related problems. 

2. Replace Boring Workout Routine with Belly 

Although this one is really not very easy form once it is learned to do it, one can easily maintain the flat belly and thinner thighs. Belly dancing helps one to burn thigh and belly fat speedily. 

3. Replace Boring Workout Routine with Hip Hop

Hip hop is another most popular dance forms around the world. It is an easy dance form to learn. It helps one to burn a lot of calories. It has a lot of exercises that help one to shed fat from the whole body. The best part, one can dominate all the attention at the party with some really cool hip hop moves. 

If one gets bored with their current workout then one can try this dance form. It will help one to lose weight, build stamina and makes one active.

4. Replace Boring Workout Routine with Freestyle

This dance form enables one to move freely without bothering about the dance steps or body movements. This is an easy dance form and can be practiced by all age groups.  In addition to weight loss, it also makes one’s body more flexible. This dance form can be performed on any type of loud music and can increase the speed by dancing anyway one likes. The beats should be fast to boost up the energy levels and makes one dance non-stop. This dance form should be done every day for 30 minutes to lose weight. One can dance alone or with a group that loves dancing, fast-paced music.

5. Replace Boring Workout Routine with Salsa

This is a Latin American dance form that has recently gained immense popularity in night clubs and dance studios. It has grabbed inspiration from the dance styles of cumbia, bomba and merengue music among others. Salsa basically consists of a pattern of six steps danced over eight counts of music along with several turns and is danced side to side. An hour of salsa dance steps causes one to burn an impressive 420 calories. Hence, it is a good choice for a weight loss program.

6. Replace Boring Workout Routine with Jazzercise

It is one of the oldest dance forms, originated in 1969, which basically combines jazz dance and strength training to tone muscles and burn calories simultaneously. It builds muscles during the workout through the use of barbells and dumbbells. This dance form involves some classic Pilates and yoga movements that lengthen muscles, while cardio boxing moves give an aerobic workout. According to the Jazzercise website, this workout enables one to burn up to 600 calories in an hour. Practice alternatively in a week to lose weight effectively.

7. Replace Boring Workout Routine with Ballet

Ballet is often a slow-moving and low impact dance form but it plays a great role in shaping the body. In fact, this dance forms demands a lot of flexibility and it actually requires strength and precision to perform most ballet positions and movements. The slow pace and posture required in ballet are very much similar to Pilates. The slow and controlled movements help to build long and lean muscles. Some of the movements of ballet dance forms are comparable to certain gym exercises. The movements cause the stretching and lengthening of the muscles, thus providing one a full-body workout. It increases the Concentration, the flexibility of the body parts and helps burn fat deposits that make one look thin.

8. Replace Boring Workout Routine with Pole Dancing

This dance form is not very easy and if still doing it one has to be extra cautious. But one will be surprised to know that climbing and rotating on a pole increases the flexibility and also helps one to burn down some calories. Performing a pole dance for 30 minutes is equivalent to 20 minutes in a gym. One can try pole dancing to lose weight, tone the muscles and shape the body.

9. Replace Boring Workout Routine with African D

It is more of a fun dance form that generally involves a combination of contemporary and traditional African dance forms and is extremely aerobic. It introduces some great music and culture and is suitable for beginners as well as experienced dancers.

How Dancing Results in Weight Loss with Daily Workout Routine

Daily Workout Routine 1 Loose Weight by Dancing on Dance Platforms

It is a misconception that dance classes are only for kids but adults too can express their dancing skills on some good dance platforms.  These days there are many dance reality shows featuring adults, some of them even mothers and fathers to teenagers. It is obvious that one is going to find dance studios in their city geared towards adults considering these fabulous dancers on television are practicing their dance moves from their learning schools. One tends to take dance lessons and lose some weight as dance like aerobics utilizes all parts of the body to give you a complete workout. Simple jazz or hip hop routine could effectively burn around 300 calories and simultaneously work out all the muscle groups. The best thing about taking up dance classes is that one is paying an expert to effectively teach them. This motivates them to take the classes seriously.

Daily Workout Routine 2 Ideal Dance Routines for Weight Loss

Indian classical dance has little to do with the weight loss mechanism, this dance form mainly focuses on hand and leg movements and facial expressions. If one is looking only for weight loss then one will be disappointed. Effective dance routines for weight loss are mainly Tango, Jazz, Cha-cha and Pasa Doble or street dance forms like salsa and hip hop. The above dance forms being a weight-bearing activity that effectively burns calories improves bone density and works all muscles in the body. These dance moves can be compared to an intense workout at the gym and often yield the same results.

Daily Workout Routine 3 Dance for Weight Loss At Home

Many of us feel shy while dancing in a group because we haven’t done it before. So if one is seriously feeling shy and blush red at the idea of dancing in groups, then simply one can lock self into the room, put on the favorite songs and move the way one can along with the beats.

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article are just an idea. Neither flypped independently verify any claims made in the article. It is advised to consult the physician before starting any weight loss or health management program to determine if it is right for one’s needs.

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