Attention-Grabbing Facts about Weight Loss

Facts about Weight Loss

Facts about Weight Loss: For keeping one fit and fine and with good physique, the basic thing to know is that calorie intake should be equal to calorie burning, if any of the two is disturbed or upset then automatically it is reflected on our body and health.

Some of the Interesting Facts about Weight Loss

➹ Facts about Weight Loss 1  Fletcherism

In the 19th century, American Horace Fletcher introduced the diet called “Fletcherism”. It became very popular. This diet promoted the proper and right way of chewing food. He said one should chew at least 32 times or until it was turned into the liquid inside the mouth. He also said his method of eating will definitely help people to avoid disease and also lose weight. The reason to it when the food is already in liquid form then naturally the food is almost in its digested form and the stomach will immediately start working on it, with the digestion process and then complete assimilation of food takes place. Otherwise, there will be unnecessary lying of food in the stomach, because food cannot be chewed in the stomach except the act of some enzymes and juices on the passed out food from the esophagus to stomach.  The swallowed food or improperly chewed food will be lying in the stomach for a long time, will get fermented and various problems start from there.

➹ Facts about Weight Loss 2 Alters Brain Activity

Losing weight also makes our brain very active. Researchers observed that in a weight loss program for 6 months, slim women scored better on memory tests. Researchers have linked obesity to poor memory, especially in pear-shaped women due to overweight.

➹ Facts about Weight Loss 3 Cancer

Due to obesity, several types of cancer can emerge. Specifically, being overweight causes swelling in the body that alters cells in the body. However, just by losing 5% of our body weight we can significantly lower dangerous levels of inflammation.

➹ Facts about Weight Loss 4 Junk Food

People with a disordered workspace get habituated to eat junk food. According to a University of Minnesota study, people in disorganized workspaces are more likely to desire unhealthy snacks, which is a major cause of lots of calorie intake and then becoming obese.

➹ Facts about Weight Loss 5 Bariatric Surgery

After undergoing bariatric surgery (restricting the size of the stomach), approximately 87% of patients after this said they don’t feel like eating now. Some of them said the food didn’t taste as good as it was before, so they didn’t eat much. Also, people had less of preference for salty foods.

➹ Facts about Weight Loss 6 Dark Chocolate

The latest studies have found that eating dark chocolate in moderate amounts results with lower levels of abdominal fat. Scientists hypothesize that the antioxidants may help fight to swell and improve metabolic functioning.

➹ Facts about Weight Loss 7 Obesity Genes

Scientists believed that there are as many as 100 different types of “obesity genes” which increases the development for type 2diabetes and become obese. But, scientists have claimed that the obesity-promoting genes can be counterbalanced by regular exercise, especially jogging and a healthy diet.

➹ Facts about Weight Loss 8 Byron Diet

The “Byron Diet” is named after Victorian poet Lord Byron; He said eating strange foods such as potatoes soaked in vinegar gives an unusual effect on the body. It makes you slim and has become a fashion to look thin and pale. Potatoes contain the compound proteinase inhibitor 2 which helps to decrease hunger by slowing down the digestion. Furthermore, very-low-calorie diets have been shown to slow metabolism and decrease muscle mass. But these changes are temporary.

➹ Facts about Weight Loss Loss 9 Stress

Stress makes one difficult to lose weight. It can trigger cravings for carb-rich snack foods which make calm stress hormones. These stress hormones increase fat storage. Sometimes only the physical exercises alone cannot burn calories rather in addition to physical exercise, relaxation techniques are must to help control weight.

➹ Facts about Weight Loss 9 Sleep Deprivation

This can make very difficult to lose weight. Inadequate sleep disturbs the hormone balance of a person; this increases ghrelin (which triggers hunger) and decreases leptin (a hormone that makes a person feel full). Scientists revealed that taking good sound sleep is the cheapest and easiest obesity gene medicine on which it can work.

➹ Facts about Weight Loss 10 Ear Infections

Studies investigated that people with frequent and severe ear infections had a more difficult time losing weight. Scientists said that such infections may injure a taste nerve that runs through the middle ear. This damaged nerve makes a person more liable for sensing sweetness and fattiness.

➹ Facts about Weight Loss 11 Natural Diet

In fact, many hundreds of diet books say there only four basic rules for weight loss: 1) eat carbs in the form of whole grains or fiber, 2) avoid trans and saturated fats, 3) eat lean protein, and 4) eat lots of fruits and veggies.

➹ Facts about Weight Loss 12 Room Temperature

According to the National Institute of Health Clinical Center, the temperature in a person’s bedroom may help boost weight loss efforts. People who slept in a 66° F room burned 7% calories while sleeping than those who slept in a warmer room. Colder sleepers burned more calories likely because their bodies were working harder to maintain a stable body temperature of 98.6°.

➹ Facts about Weight Loss 13 Sitting a Long Time

Experts say that the body stops functioning after sitting for long periods of time. Therefore, key fat-burning enzymes simply get switched off. Even after just one day of sitting, fat-burning enzymes fall by 50%, among other health effects. Even 30 minutes at the gym is not enough to offset the detrimental effects of 8 hours of sitting. A recent study claimed that people who took more breaks from sitting throughout the day had slimmer waists, lower BMIs, and healthier blood fat and blood sugar levels than those who sat the most. In short, the longer a person sits, they are more likely to die an early death. It is said that sitting at a desk burns 83 calories per hour, standing at desk burns 115 calories per hour, riding an elevator burns 128 calories an hour and taking the stairs burns 509 calories. Watching TV burns 64 calories an hour.

➹ Facts about Weight Loss 14 Night Owls

People who are night owls are more likely to increase on the pounds than who go to sleep early. Studies have found that people who go to bed late eat more food, have worse diets, and intend to have a higher body mass index (BMI) than those who go to bed earlier.

➹ Facts about Weight Loss 15

Some people have more fat cells as compared to other people. In addition to it, the cells of overweight and obese people hold more fat. A person can’t reduce their total number of fat cells but they can eat right and exercise to keep the cells small. New fat cells emerge during childhood and typically stop as a person reaches to adolescence. In an adult, the number of fat cells remains the same; they just change volume according to gain or lose weight.

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